Posted on: September 8, 2012 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

My love – the one that means the most to me. I have been through the fire filled pits of hell and seen the wonders of the heavens trying to find my love, but alas, he eludes me. My love is my yang – my twin. He is me and I am him – we are one. For months on end I have gone back an forth with myself trying to convince myself that I am crazy – that I am deluded. I have tried to convince myself that I am nothing more than obsessed, even stupid. But I have come to realize and accept that all of this is real. Submission to The Divine Plan was all that was needed in order to bring my future into my present, and I am elated that all things are finally falling into place. Even though I have embraced this new revelation, I am still unsure. I am uneasy. I wonder if it will happen sooner, later or in the next life cycle.
I know who he is, but he still does not know me. What will The Cosmic do in order to make sure he is with me? I have called out to him – I have sent out my love, but will he be able to read the signs from above? I am not sure, but what I do know is that it will all happen soon. My love will awaken, he will see and we will continue. I used to daydream about the “what ifs”, imagining what would happen if it were true. Now I daydream the “what wills”, what will happen when it comes to fruition. True love is not a game, and love at first sight is very real. Love at first sight is the initiation of the Twin Flame reunion, and it is a beautiful experience.
To My Love, I await your arrival. I used to think that I wasn’t deserving; I used to believe that I was unworthy, but now I know that all is real and that I am going to receive all that I am worthy of. To worship the ground you walk on and love you unconditionally will soon no longer be a fantasy – it shall be a reality. I am eager to see the look upon your face when you are finally in the presence of your Divinely chosen Goddess. I thank The Creator everyday and every night for you, and soon, you will do the same for me.
I love you!

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