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As I sit and watch you live in your bliss,
I wonder if you know that it is you I miss.
As I watch and I love you from afar,
I pray this experience be more than a memoir.
The reality of you falling in love with me,
Is more than want, it is a need.
For millennia, my love, I have waited for thee,
And now it is time for you to come to me.
The time draws near and there is much to be done,
The Cosmic speaks. Listen, loved one.
The the time has come for you and I,
To finally become one and reconcile.
It feels as though this will go on forever,
The games played by The Cosmic couldn’t be more clever.
I feel as though all has stopped,
Time. Life. Everything has flopped.
I need you my love, and the time is now.
Awaken, my Lord, so we may take this vow.
For now and forever, we shall remain in love,
A union kept below as it is above.
Come to me, my love, so we may bask in The Light.
Dancing through the days and loving through the nights.
The birth of a child; the union of you and I.
The time has come; tell The Darkness goodbye.

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