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There is nothing more mystical and pure as the rain.
The sweet song that sings, as the drops hit the trees and my window pane.
The purity of the life, as the water replenishes the plains.
I could listen to this song over and over and over again.
The clouds, they cover, alluding to a day of gloom.
But we should all remember, with rain there is no doom.
For with her, life will continue to flourish, even if a monsoon.
All of life is made from her; the water in the womb.
A sweet song Mother sings, as she cleanses her body.
Bathing her children, and destroying all things shoddy.
We, humanity, her greatest birthing from something so cloddy.
She loves and cleanses us all, even as we injure her body.
The sweet sound of creation; the water fertilizing the soil.
We mimic that moment, when our bodies begin to boil.
Not so much from a moment of hatred and toil.
But more so from the moment, when the male secretes his oil.
The implanted seed soaks in the liquid and soon,
Over a period of time, new life shall begin to bloom.
The Mother, she carries life so gracefully in her womb.
And the child eventually emerges for The Mother to groom.
But The Father is important, as a matter of fact,
For he protects the mother and child from all attacks.
And although His contribution is undoubtedly a fact,
We always thank The Mother, for her balancing act.

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  1. Hi Catalina, a beauiful piece of poetry my friend, I just wonder how many understand that we cannot survive without rain.. I think some just think Water just comes from a tap.. 🙂
    So too in life, we cant have all the Sun/Good without some of the Sad/rain in our lives.. For we would not know one without the other.
    And think of all those Beautiful Rainbows we would miss..
    Wishing you a Good Weekend Catalina,, Hugs Sue x

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