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This is the most exiting time in all history to be alive! I an honoured to be living in this moment. This has been an Epic Year, to say the least. I have enjoyed every moment. Much has taken place, and it very much seems like it took absolutely no time to get through it all. Yet, events still took place over the same amount of time as always. What a year?!
This has been a year of transition for most, be it through forward motions or huge set backs. Trials and tragedy. Hate and love. Love and life. Life and death. There seems to be a general attitude within most, if not all, of us that there will be a grand “Moving Forward”, if you will, going into this next year. Every thing feels right and every thing is going according to plan.
I am not one to be redundant and go over the story of my year. Just know that it was awesome! Reflect on your year. The relationships you had and lost. The relationships that improved. The money that was made, and the money that was lost. The friends that were made, and the friends that were lost. New lives; new opportunities await us. We are all moving toward something life changing. This is the most exciting time to be alive!
2012 will surely be an Epic Year. There is much more to come. There is more to see. There is more to be done. We can fulfill prophesy, or we can actively write our own history. Conscious of what is before us, spiritually and metaphysically. Are you going to change? Do you fear, or do you embrace? In any case, I’ll see you next year. 😉

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  1. 2012, is certainly an Epic year.. One in which we all chose to be here to witness.. may it bring you much Happiness , Love and Peace.. These are exciting times we chose to be here to help the Earth through.. love and Blessings to you Catalina.. Sue xx

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