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To Whom it May Concern,
I have a confession to make. It is you that I always think about. You are on my mind non-stop. I think about now, later and then. I think about Before, here, and after. I dream about time: time we have spent together and time we will spend together. I dream about a future illuminated with pure joy, love and happiness. I imagine my life with you. I think about you and I moving forward together, as a unit. I need you. I love you. This is not lust, for the feeling goes far beyond physical stimulation. The feeling that I get in my spirit is what sends a chill down my spine. The thought of making love to you for seemingly endless hours is nothing more than icing on the cake. We, my love, we are the cake. We are the meal the fills a King’s belly to his utmost satisfaction. We are the complimentary pair that everyone wants to be a part of. You are the left shoe, and I am your right counter-part. You lead, and I follow. I lead, and you follow. I speak, and you listen. You yell, and I hear. We communicate, and we connect.
I love you. There is no other way to put it. I am simply in love with you. The thought of your name makes me feel calm, as I know that it is you who will work to protect me from all harm and devastation. When I am in your arms, I know that all is right with the world and I feel safe. When you kiss me, I know that your love is sincere. When you speak to me, I know that you care. When you make love to me, I know you will always be there. When we go out together, I know that I will never be alone. Never again.
You complete me. You are the highs to my lows. You are the one who can read my mind, and when I get tongue tied, you take out the knot. You finish my sentences. You look into my eyes, and you can tell me about my whole day. You can see the look on my face and know exactly what I want and need. You are my everything, as you attempt to give me everything. When I need someone to talk to, you listen. When I need to be held, you hold. When I need to cry, you console. When I need to hear the truth, you tell it. When I need support, you give it. You are genuine and pure. Your love is all that I need to endure.
Life is hard, but life without you is much harder. I cannot imagine life without you in it. You are now a part of me, and that is it. I cannot let you go, nor will I ever let you go. Yet, if the time comes when I have to let you be, I shall. For I love you too much to hold you back from your true destiny. However, I know that destiny is me. I feel it in my soul. My love for you is deep, and true. My love for you is everlasting. I love you. I Love You. I Am In Love With You. I will kill for you. I will live for you. I will die for you. Anything that you need, I am here to serve you. You are my King. I love you.
Forever yours,
Your Queen

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