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It’s amazing how what we see in movies is truly based upon real  life experiences. Yet, it makes sense because those making the film need something to be inspired from; therefore, they use moments from their own lives to create parts of a film. On Saturday October, 22, 2011, I went to Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta, Ga to see the Occupy Atlanta group for myself. It was amazing and inspiring! There were so many people from so may different walks of life all congregated in one small tent city, standing up for a common cause: Humanity. They each had their own personal stories to share with one another and the world. They all had specific reasons for wanting to participate in a new revolution. All of our favourite characters were in one place, standing up for what they believed in.
There was an African- American woman in her early 40’s. She has at least two children that are both in college. She got hit by a car and now walks with one crutch for extra support. She is also unemployed and was selling home made packaged cookies for $1. She is participating in the Occupy Movement because she wants her children to have a fair chance at life. She wants them to be able to have a future of prosperity and success. As a single mother with no health insurance, she wants to see more people get the health care that they need no matter the cost. She wants to be able to take care of herself and have a great savings as her grandmother did in the past. She wants to feel like she and her children truly have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
At the information table asking people to sign a banner, there was a Caucasian woman that looked to be about in her 50’s. She said that she worked for herself and her husband had a well paying job. She stated that her family was fine. Her reason for being at Occupy Atlanta was to see a change in corruption and greed in America. She feels that at the rate this country is going with the few rich at the top and everyone else at the bottom, this country will be unable to sustain itself. She said that she doesn’t want The United States to become like countries in South America. The Occupy Movement is about more than jobs and healthcare, it’s about sustainability and living in a country that will be able to continue to be free and innovative. Fair, equal and just. She understood the bail out of AIG and the banking system in 2008. She felt that is had to happen in order to sustain our way of life; however, she also feels that there should be a closer regulation of companies so that they do not become “Too Big to Fail”.
There was a protest march against police brutality on Saturday. There were family members of a young man that went by the nickname of Joe who had been killed by a police officer no too long ago. The protestors had their signs reading “Freedom Voices” and “Brandon = Troy Davis”. There was a rally at Woodruff Park and protestors spoke their peace into a megaphone. A poet, a Book Store Owner/ Motivational Speaker, a male on probation and many others shared their stories and emotions about the way of our world and how those who we think are supposed to serve and protect us actually serve and protect the 1%. This really against police brutality was linked back to the Occupy Movement and protestors spoke about how Police Officers themselves are a part of The 99% and they need to wake up.
An older Caucasian male, born and raised in Atlanta, seemed to bee in his late 40’s to early 50’s. He was truly a patriot and a good Southern Bred Republican. He felt that the rally in the park where people were speaking their peace was a bit extreme. He felt that the best place to express an opinion about something is at the ballot box. His opinion was that we should not be teaching our children to take to the streets and yell about what we are unhappy with. Although it is their right, there is still a proper way to take care of business and standing in the street and causing a scene is not the way to bring about change.
In addition to all of the people and events going on that day, there was talk about Mayor Reed evicting the Occupy Protestors on Saturday night. There was confusion about a Hip Hop Festival that was supposed to take place in the park that weekend. The Occupy Group was willing to move their tents temporarily over the weekend so that the event could go on with out any problems. However, the Hip Hop Festival was not finished paying a fee for a generator to be placed at the park. This minor setback in the Hip Hop event’s permit and fee was somehow skewed to be a reason to evict The Occupy Atlanta group from Woodruff Park. There was a reminiscent outrage that caused me to think of Mayor Bloomberg of New York attempting to evict the Occupy Wall Street Protestors in New York City. I overheard a conversation where a hippie/rock- star personality of a fellow spoke with a serious passion, “There are people here that are willing to stay until they get frickin’ dragged out of the park!” There was tension, unity and pride felt amongst the group of people there. There was a moment where a girl yelled out “Mic Check”. This is a moment at a protest were anyone that has something to say can get the attention of a group, yell out what needs to be said, and the group repeats what is said so that all are able to hear any news or updates. There was a lady that was on the phone with the City and there was an update about the pending eviction: The Occupiers were NOT going to be evicted and they were still permitted to stay at Woodruff Park (the protestors now named Troy Davis Park) until November 7th. There was a general feeling of relief. People smiled and hugged and shared a moment of joy. The People had won again! Victory was made on that day. A day of Protest! A day for The People!
On the street corner just outside of the park, there was a small group of Black Muslim Radicals preaching their hatred for the White Man and White Jesus and the White Devil based upon scriptures from the King James Version of The Holy Bible. They spoke strongly with much conviction. They group actually reminded me of the Mau Mau group from the movie Bamboozled. It was an interesting sight. They asked people standing around, listening to them to stomp on a picture of Jesus as a White Male with Devil horns on his head and a long and pointy beard. There was also propaganda about the RFID chip being the mark of the beast and being encoded with 666. They were dressed in their Islamic gear, and truly believed in their misguided teachings. But hey, who am I to say they are misguided. As long as they have something to believe in, that is what matters right?
The characters are real. What we see on the television and movie screens is all based on reality. Whilst at Occupy Atlanta, I felt like I was living out one of my favourite movies entitled Waking Life. Each time I walked into a conversation, I was engulfed in a new energy. The aura was different. The passion being shared was unique. Everyone had a purpose and everyone had a story. So many people believe in the world wide revolution and the change that is coming. People are waking up moment by moment and finding where they need to put their talents to use in order to move our human race into the 21st Century of Peace and Prosperity. Capitalism without greed. Quality with fairness. Passion and Unity. People now more than ever want to come together and coexist. These tent cities are growing world wide and they are organising for their own sustainability. They each have committees with their own function such as a press committee, medical committee and training, agricultural committee and many more. The People are tired! The People are fed up! The People want change! For everyone, everywhere! The time has come, UNITE! The revolution WILL be televised! Stay tuned!

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  1. The Revolution is when like minded people get together and spread out their ripples into the world. Life here has to Change.. and we are all part of that change.. Greed and Control by Fear is being torn down.. Unity of people will come together from all walks of Life. We have come to be here and take part in the re-awakening.. Life on Earth was never meant to be about possessions and Greed.. But we have lost our way.. Now little by little more and more people are awakening to the reality of what we are.. And we are chipping away at those who rule, and their towers will crumble.. For we Are ONE..
    Loved this post. and your Blog.
    Sue~ Dreamwalker~

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