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I was once the one who lived in a world of darkness and negativity. I was once “The Hater”. I had my time in life when I wanted and needed drama. I preyed upon the positivity of others in order to bring a sense of momentary pleasure to my life. I lived to kill dreams. I was the one who brought out the negative truth, not to give others a reality check, but to destroy dreams and hopes of positive outcomes. Now times have changed. I am a new person. I have done some serious spirit cleansing over the past few years, and I am still working to rid myself, and my life, of all negative influences.
I had to look into a figurative mirror. I had to allow myself to see myself for who I was, and who I was to become. I was on an extremely dark path. I was lost. I had been lied to, betrayed, ostracized, and heart broken. I sat in a pool of depression. There were often times when I felt that I had no hope for the future. I felt that I would never know true friendship, love or happiness. I then knew that I had to make a change. I had to change myself. I had to change my attitude and no longer be afraid to embrace the greatness known as I.
I began to write more, and take my natural talent more seriously. I separated myself from individuals, and groups of people, that brought me negativity and pain. I no longer allowed myself to be criticized by others and be affected by their negative feedback. I learned how to read energies. I learned how to tell good intention from ill will. Now, I am continuing to separate myself from ongoing negativity. I talk to certain people less and less. I delete certain profiles from my social networks. I unfollow tons of negative people on Twitter on a daily basis. This is truly cleansing my life and my spirit. What we allow into our aura will eventually radiate from us, and I no longer want to ooze negative vibes.
I am an individual, as are all other people. We all have to take time to step away from the crowd and look at ourselves. We have to lock ourselves in a room and see what others see in us. We need to sit back and understand the information that we allow into our minds. We have to realise what kind of people we associate ourselves with and the situations that they bring along with them. In order to truly cleanse, we need to eliminate even our closest friends and family members, even if it is only for a short while. Those closest to us are often the main individuals making the effort to bring us down when we are up. The transition will be hard, and letting go will hurt, but ultimately, it is the best for our minds, bodies and spirits. Do not fear the road less traveled. It only leads to success, prosperity and peace of mind.

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  1. I applaud your spiritual progress and agree completely. Sometimes, letting go of things and people that no longer serve us and hold us back is the hardest thing we can be asked to do, but when we do it we see change in our lives. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your very well written post <3

  2. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get rid of those people. And I KNOW it wasn’t easy poring yourself out on your site. I admire your courage for both. And I really appreciate you sharing this with me.
    I have a request. I’m going to start my speaking career by letting people know they are important and this would be a great addition.May I have your permission to copy this and share it with my audience? Please let me know.

  3. May I say well done… for its hard to take a look at ourselves and alter our ways.. to dig out that which we no longer need and throw it away..
    We seldom see that it is our attitudes which need to alter we often look at others and think it is them who need to we think we are right and they are wrong..
    Until each of us do what you have done, take a long hard look at our reflections and see what needs to be changed.. Society will never change.. for we are Society we are the community with all its faults..
    Until we do what you have done.. and change our attitudes and embrace and love ourselves and throw away the negative aspects the world will not find peace..
    For to find Peace.. we first need to find that peace and love within ourselves..
    Well Done YOU!…
    Love and Light ~Dreamwalker x

  4. Very nice! And so true, slower is indeed faster some times. “Focus” on right this second, and drop the past and the future. “Just Breath..” focus on your breath, do this often. Chill. Silence, sit in nice chair or lie down. This is the path to source energy.

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