Posted on: May 10, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

If perception is reality,
Then this is who I am.
I am a great person.
I have a kind heart.
I am patient.
I am a little nutty.
I am loving.
I am caring.
I am very interesting.
I am open minded.
I am a good friend.
I am a lover.
I have a strange need to belong.
I have a heart bigger than my existence.
I work hard.
I am driven.
I push to attain my goals.
I am a straight shooter.
I keep it real with my peers.
I am the truth.
I am talented.
I am creative.
I am intelligent.
I am unique.
I am a hot ass.
I am sexy.
I am a “hoe”.
I am good at not getting pregnant.
I am a tease.
I love to be pleased.
I am passionate.
I am confused.
I am a witch.
I am a demon.
I am an angel.
I am insecure.
I am laid back.
I am honest.
I am loyal.
I am spoiled.
I am selfish.
I am giving.
I am weird.
I am funny.
I am lonely.
I am mature for my age.
I am a great friend.
I am greatly misunderstood.
If perception is reality,
Then I am awesome.
I am glad that you all see me for who I am.
An individual.

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