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Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 11.46.07 PMDon’t we all love fashion and Pinterest? These two things are must-haves in our lives today, and many of us can’t go a day without checking out the latest trends and pinning our favorites. Fashion and online pinning are two mainstream favs, but there’s a need for the curvy and plus-size ladies to have an option just for them without having to sift through the hundreds of posts and pins of clothing and some accessories that isn’t made for them. This is where the amazing site comes in. FashPlus is a social networking site with the same interface as Pinterest that specifically caters to the full-figure female market. What makes this site special is that it’s all fashion, all plus, all the time!
Just like Pinterest, FashPlus offers an interface that allows you to create boards, pin your favorites, and follow the favs of others. What really makes FashPlus special is the ability to not only search by styles such as dresses, shoes, accessories and so on, but FashPlus also offers a unique browsing option that filters pins by occasion and body type. The body type category of browsing is a personal favorite because it’s important to be able to find clothing that fits the various shapes and curvatures of each plus-size woman’s body. The body types to choose from are apple, pear, banana, and hourglass, but the specialized options don’t stop there. FashPlus also offers a browsing filter for occasions. If you want to browse cocktail dresses or casual wear, then you can easily narrow down your options to find the latest styles on the market for whatever event you may can dream of attending.
Although FashPlus is a site to find, pin, and share trendy plus-size fashion favorites, it’s also a great way to shop! Each pin is accompanied by the name of the store that carries the item and the price. Listings include the hottest brands such as Lane Bryant, Jessica Simpson, ASOS CURVE and more! All in all, FashPlus is a unique, user-friendly ¬†tool for us plus-size women who love to look amazing. As a size 12-14, I often have a hard time finding my size in mainstream stores, and my curves – which match the hour-glass body type – need to be properly fit with clothing made just for women like me. FashPlus is a great resource to find all of the top brands, stores, and deals all in one place; share and promote my favorites, and combine my favorite things to do online – browse fashion and pin stuff to boards! That’s why I signed up for a free account and started pinning right away, I suggest that you should too! Pin on ladies!

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