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What is most feared?
It is The Truth.
I am here,
Born to tell you.
I am here to inform you.
I live to inspire.
I live and experience,
In hopes to save you from the fire.
I am the ultimate sacrifice.
The giving of one’s own soul.
Born to do more than suffice.
I am to make one whole.
I have come for your soul.
But will you have faith in me?
Most are too afraid of the unknown,
And the rest have forsaken me.
Yet, it is you and I alone
Walking down the long path.
But I will leave you on your own,
If you choose to indulge in wrath.
For we move towards peace;
One must be calm.
For where all wars cease,
One is able to inhale a sweet balm.
Enlightenment is to be achieved.
And I am your guide.
The world must be newly perceived,
And one must take a new stride.
Step in the direction of light.
Bask in the wonders of I.
Explore your inner talents,
And give your own greatness a try.
Poetic Li speaking,
Yes! It is I.
Your eyes may stop blinking,
For I will not blind your sight.
I am to shine,
Allow me to be your light.
I will show you the way,
To the road of flight.
Some came, some saw.
Some conquered, some left.
But the true question to awe:
What path for you was meant?

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