Posted on: December 29, 2013 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

There is a growing emphasis on the need for knowledge and wisdom in our society today. Many are on the path to “waking up” and becoming true seekers of knowledge and wisdom. But what are these concepts that we wish to know? How do we truly understand what they are and how they should be applied in our lives? What constitutes true knowledge? The same must be asked for wisdom? How do we differentiate the two?
Although knowledge is a great foundation to acquiring wisdom, it seems as though we live in a culture that puts more validity towards knowledge than wisdom. For me, knowledge is based on “book smarts”: what we read and comprehend which leads to the expansion of thought to a limited end. Wisdom is based on experience: what we learn from our trials and tribulations, our relationships, our successes and failures. Though knowledge and wisdom go hand-in-hand pertaining to one’s personal soul development, there is still a fundamental difference that must be fully embraced and put out further into the mainstream.
When we allow what we learn from our independent study of the vicissitudes of life to support what we personally experience within, I believe true wisdom that we find to be present in the sages of the past can be known within us here in the present – and in our future. And thus, I got forth, to further explore these thoughts inspired by my own independent study and personal experience. The passage from knowledge to wisdom. The journey from darkness and ignorance to illumination and enlightenment.
What becomes of the one who seeks? We hope that he or she finds, but in the meantime, we continue to learn and grow from this experience we call Life – crawling from the depths of the abyss in which we lost ourselves, hoping to find Our Selves once more.

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