Posted on: January 4, 2014 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

I definitely need to work on a psychology degree… going through to the Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology… maybe something in sociology too…
The only reason is that we need certain “credentials” to open a practice and conduct therapy sessions.. But I loathe this “system” of education. Smh…
Maybe I could just make use of these ministry credentials… Apparently, from a spiritual perspective, I’m already in my training and study period.
What is this obsession with credentials and titles anyway? Life experience is our greatest teacher, and despite all of this paperwork, most of us still fail miserably at what truly matters. That doesn’t discredit the fact that everyday is another opportunity to “get it right” and be a good person of good faith and so forth. We can still evolve and be more.
I find that I do a lot of my research by spending hours on end indulging in social media, blogs, and news sites reading articles, memes, and the most interesting part – the commentary. Then I sit and contemplate the state of mind of those who post and the thought processes of the persons being observed.
There is surely something to be said about the human psyche and the state of our world via observing social media posts, including my own. What are we doing? Why do we think the way we do? What are we trying to accomplish? Who are we trying to impress? How do we go forth with the varying levels of consciousness present in our world? How do we truly evolve? What entities are truly at play – and war – here, and how do we raise the consciousness of humanity to understand the truth of these mutli-dimensional realities that directly affect our lives?
Do I really need to go to someone’s university? I’d rather write my thesis now.

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