Posted on: June 13, 2013 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 1

Lust is she who makes me think that I need you here with me.
From erotic dreams to sensual screams, our union is all I see.
The pointless fights and Tantric nights that eventually blur my sight,
Overlooking the trite and forgetting the plight, in me you set things right.
When you are away, it seems the days will never fall away.
To keep me at bay, I lie and play whilst practicing what to say.
“Never being more clear, I need you here, for without you I tend to fear
That lust will steer me far from here and I’ll commit a sin severe.”
“Ready to plow, make love to me now, and to you I shall endow
True feelings avowed you’d be so proud, as verity no longer beclouds.”
Your miniature twin, he lies within and I blissfully smile and grin.
And after the spin you finally turn-in, knowing the night was a win.
Lust is she who makes me think that this could be more than a dream.
A wonderful scheme that is so beseem, I laugh at myself as I cream.
As I look around and hear no sound, it is I that is left dumbfound.
With lust abound on my mental playground my body remains spellbound.

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