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While beating down blocks in Times Square, wasting time before my bus from Port Authority, I turned on 46th street and just so happened to look up and see the Church of Scientology smack dab in the middle in Manhattan. Talk about prime real estate! I decided to go into the building and have a look. As I walked through the gold trimmed revolving doors, I came into a reception mezzanine where I noticed all of the flooring was black marble. This was one luxurious church! Black, gold, and silver was throughout the building, and all of the staff wore white button down shirts and black bottoms; the men with slacks and the women with black knee length skirts or dress pants. Everyone was very calm and happy and smiling. The staff was integrated, black, white, and hispanic. I encountered a young man named Jess, who appeared to be a soul brother of sorts when I was telling another staff member that I am a mystic who studies all of the religions of the world. Jess said, “Right on!” Then we shared a fist bump. By the end of my visit that night, after watching a few well produced videos about Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and Dianetics, Jess had his sincere sales hat on and offered me a free Dianetics session with my purchase of their book, as my trying personal situation seemed to be one that could use the treatment. I was hesitant to buy the book at first, but the free session was what sold me. I had to try it out.
About two days later, I went back to The City to have my session. There was a scheduling mix up, but it was amazing how the synchronicitities manifested so that I could have my session. When I arrived, there were no auditors available, and they were telling me that I would have to come back another time. I was a bit vexed by the inattentiveness in scheduling. They took me upstairs to watch another video and then sent the person I spoke on the phone with to speak with me about the mix up. The Dianetics session begins with a 1.5 hour video explaining what Dianetics is and how it works so that the person going through the treatment will be prepared or what is to come. Their apparent goal was to get me to stay and just watch the video and then come back another day, but my intent was to go through the whole process in one day. I declined to watch the video, thanked them for their attempt, and proceeded to leave the building. As I came down the steps toward the mezzanine to exit the building, the one auditor who was in the building caught me as I got to the last step, shook my hand, introduced herself, and then invited me downstairs into the auditing room. It was a smooth operation indeed, and another woman was very candid in telling me that they had me sit down and talk on purpose as they worked behind the scenes to ensure that my appointment could be kept as scheduled.
And so the process began. I was escorted back upstairs by a young black girl named Tyler and sat in a small conference room filled with flat screen televisions and luxury technology and seating throughout. There I watched the introductory video and got a glimpse of what Dianetics is, how it works, and what the expected results are. When the video was completed, I was then escorted back downstairs into the auditing room, where I had my actual session. What was scheduled and intended to only be an hour session turned into a three hour session of deep shadow work. I sat across from the auditor with my eyes closed and attuned to the memories that caused me pain and attracted troubling experiences into my life. I went through a recent abusive relationship, current housing troubles, past subconscious pains, and even gained insight into subconscious painful memories from a time before I was even born.
As a student of mysticism and occultism, I understood the mechanics of what was being done. The technique challenges the “patient” to explore the subconscious mind and find painful memories that have been packed away and stored. The person being treated is then made to stay with the painful memory and not leave it until it is completely faced, felt, and released. There is no opportunity to say stop if one is uncomfortable, for this discomfort is a part of the process of breaking through the barriers that have been created around oneself. This was a very intense process for me, and I left in a funk, but after I went on with the rest of my evening I felt better. My mind was actually clearer, and my energy felt lighter.
“My God! This sh*t actually works!” This is what I kept repeating to myself after I noticed the shift in my energy. I was all ready for the conspiracies to be true — and to some extent they are — but I cannot say that Dianetics doesn’t work. I cannot say that Scientology is a total and complete sham. However, what I can say is, they can read you. When my session was over, I went to speak with a counseling rep who asked about my experience and probed to see about getting me to sign up for a conference. This is where the conspiracy theorists are on point, for these people are the best sales people I have ever met! Unfortunately, working in retail, sales, and marketing for about 10 years didn’t help their case, as I saw right through the pitch. The woman kept pressuring me to use a credit card because I just had to get another session and I needed the sessions to get where I need to be in life. Classic Network Marketing tactics — sense of urgency with a touch of fear of loss. Too bad it didn’t work, but she surely noticed that I was put off by it. As she filled out a sheet to take my contact information and give me information about free courses on their website, without looking up, she said, “You seem like you are upset with me.” I replied, “Well, it seems like you are pressuring me to spend money I don’t have to give you.” By the end of the conversation, she was very blunt and even cussing. She could tell that I am a no bull shit person, and so she got on my level. “Look, I know life’s thrown some shit at you. It’s thrown shit at me too…” she said. I respected her willingness to get down to the nitty gritty of things, but I still didn’t spend any more money.
I will say that there is something to the Scientology way of life, at least with the Dianetics portion. I still can’t say I would convert and join the church, but I can say that Dianetics is alright with me. If you are a strong and advanced soul who is need of some serious shadow work, definitely go to a local Scientology center and give a bit of your story so you can get a free session. The book, Dianetics, is only $25 — a small price to pay for an incredible story to tell!
And so my new life begins! Hello, New York! I’m ready for you!

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