Posted on: April 19, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

An extremely strong word.
One truly giving up one thing,
In order to gain another.
Well how about that.
Most individuals long for understanding.
Most people want acceptance.
Most people receive either, or.
So now what?
The spirit realm feels your despair.
And you are sent a way out.
A way to peace of mind; for a price.
What is the price you will pay?
What will you do for acceptance and praise?
What will you sacrifice in order to be on top of the world?
What will you give up in order to show those who put you down that you are better than before?
The sale of the soul is not literal until death.
For when the time of death arrives, that is when you pay with your soul.
But this is life long happiness and joy we are talking here.
You HAVE to make a deposit.
What will you give up?
How about your conscience?
It would be nice to think that those listed above are too much.
But apparently, they are not.
However, I understand why.
I not only understand why such things are given.
I understand why they are asked for in the first place.
When transcending into another part of existence,
The transition is difficult.
The way to make sure you get there,
Is to experience the beast inside of you.
A painful experience usually triggers what is needed.
Which is the feeling of extreme loss and abandonment.
Pure alienation.
Feeling like you are going to die,
Knowing that you won’t.
Knowing that you never will.
Calm down from the hysteria and look around you.
You are on the fast track to success.
Everything of this world is now at your fingertips.
Unleash the beast. The world is yours.
I’m at a crossroads myself.
I am lost.
So many wonderful blessings, unable to be fully enjoyed due to pain.
All I can say is; I want to be truly happy before it all ends.

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