Posted on: May 12, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

I’m sleeping with the enemy,
And I like it.
It’s dangerous,
It’s fun.
It’s nothing like I’ve ever imagined,
Yet something I’ve already done before.
Tisk, Tisk.
I’m horrible.
I’m sleeping with the enemy.
I never thought this would occur.
I didn’t want to accept the invitation,
But I looked up and said…
Fuck it.
You only live once.
Take advantage of the moment,
And live for YOU.
I’m sleeping with the enemy.
And I love it.
The best part about it,
Is what YOU think of it.
Because I don’t care what you think.
I care not for the opinion of your comrades either.
Parents, friends, and foes?
Hell no.
I’m sleeping with the enemy.
Well, I’m really not.
It’s only the enemy when you make it that.
I feel sorry for the closed, feeble minded.
Those who let society dictate what they will and won’t.
What they do and don’t.
What is and what isn’t.
I’m sleeping with the enemy.
I’m in love with the enemy.
You may not like this side of me.
But I always LOVE to see.
How those consumed with each other,
Damn you.
I love me.

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