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This desperate need to be in love with someone. This yearning to find our “other half”. How have we allowed ourselves to become so dependent on the presence and love of another person? Is it because we simply long for the love and affection of ourselves? The search for the perfect match goes back to the same basic goal of finding our “other half”. If we are searching for the other half of our individual being, then we are searching for no one other than ourselves. So then, what is this journey of finding and falling in love about? It’s about finding and falling in love with ourselves.
It can be agreed upon that we cannot effectively love another soul personality if we do not love ourselves first. This seems to be a logical truth if we consider that our purpose in this life, as far as love is concerned, is to find our other half and love that person unconditionally. If we love the other party of our romantic relationship unconditionally, then we must love ourselves unconditionally as well, right? It seems as though the true reason for failed relationships is a failure to love oneself unconditionally and extend that same amount of love, trust, and respect to the other party involved. The real questions is, how many of us are ready to admit that we are the very cause of our own successes and failures in life, and especially love?
There’s this thing called taking responsibility. Going within. Knowing thyself. We often like to think that knowing ourselves is just to the extent of embracing our own inner awesomeness and being one with our star player, but what about the dark skeletons in the closet that we like to block out? What do we do with those? Often times, we take these “demons” and project them on to others, especially those we hold dear and close to our hearts. We take our inner fears and past mistakes and project them on to those we love as some sort of escape from having to face the truth about our own soul personalities – we just aren’t all that we’re cracked up to be. Now, who are we to expect that a person will fully accept and love us unconditionally if we cannot even look in the mirror and truly face ourselves and our own flaws?
Many of us have lied, cheated, played with another’s heart, committed some act of infidelity and untruth at some point in life. These things don’t necessarily make us the worst people in the cosmos, but it does show that we all are capable of succumbing to human weakness, desire, and ego. We all have pros and cons, positive attributes and negative attributes, truths and errors, but the bottom line is that we are all Divine Souls having a human experience, and it is okay to make human mistakes. Where we go wrong is trying to avoid facing these mistakes, not take responsibility or our actions and thoughts, and then go on to point fingers at one another – especially our family and lovers – and expect that life should still be willing to bend to our every whim. Although “Come to Jesus” moments are nice, I think we need more “Come to Self” moments – those times when we just sit in a room, look into a mirror, and truly face ourselves. We need to go within and truly reconcile all things that truly are our fault, and if we weren’t the root cause of a problem, then face how we contributed to the issue.
We cannot successfully attract all that we want and desire in life and love if we continue to hold on to subconscious blocks that keep us from being able to receive the beauty and bounty that this life and the universe have to offer us. We have to forgive and love ourselves unconditionally before we go forth to find The One that will forgive and love us unconditionally. We have to make space in our hearts and in our being to be able to receive the unconditional love of another.
Let us all go within and clear our minds and hearts of the things that hold us back from embracing and receiving all that we desire. Let us go within and face those things we hide from ourselves because they are just too ugly to come to terms with in the presence of another. Let us go within and reconcile all things that cause us harm inwardly. Let us all embrace a new day of light and clarity that allows us to go forth on the path toward the greater light, love, abundance, and merriment that can be experienced while here on Earth in these bodies!
So Mote It Be!

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  1. Most of us realize that we don’t love ourselves unconditionally. These days most people walk around with lowered feelings of self-esteem. I teach people to identify their self doubts and judgments and realize that they are relayed within by an “Internal Critic” unfortunately taught us by parents, teachers and others who feel that criticism and guilt build character. I teach that everyone must learn to love themselves and others by casting away negative judgments. It is very true that people who judge themselves harshly also judge others in the same manner, while self love radiates empathy and compassion to others. If we truly manifest unconditional love, we can survive life challenges with equanimity and a positive spirit.

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