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The spiritual life or the material life – which one should we choose? The bigger question in my mind is – why is there a need to choose? It is true that the desire to become engulfed in material creation is to be overcome by each soul in order to reunite with the true universal oneness knows as God or The Cosmic, but that does not mean that we should completely reject the material manifestation of cosmic energy. Wealth, abundance, material gain and so on are not necessarily “bad” or “evil”, but becoming too attached to material objects and things of this world can be detrimental.
The challenges we endure and overcome is this life are tests of desire. The object of the whole game of life is to overcome desire and to reintegrate with the Grand Immensity. It is all too easy for our souls to be so caught up in this material life that we forget where we really come from. This can be proven with the number of materialists who reject that there is even a spiritual aspect of existence. It is apparent that they have gotten to a point where they can do nothing more than be one with material existence and cannot accept any non-material aspect of creation. The desire to prove their own validity as physical creators must be supported by the need to find a material source creator that cannot be found; therefore, the universe is full of random mishaps and the planets and the potential life that inhabits them must have a logical, physical evolutionary process. If humanity can master knowing how things physically come into being and grow, then we can become “Gods” of creation and manifest more material things and beings.
Allowing ourselves to be immersed in the material world and not connecting with our spiritual truth and origin is where embracing the material world becomes a downfall. We must understand that it’s not the material world and the abundance therein that are to be overcome, it is the desire to remain in the material and forget our true nature that must be overcome. We can manifest various products and live in beautiful homes and enjoy this material life while also understanding our true nature. If all things are energy or spirit, and spirit is God, then all things are of God; therefore, we should not reject anything, for all things are, in essence, of God. What we can do is remember that we, ourselves, are spirit and we are of God as well. What we do is what God does; what the think is what God thinks. We are all one and the choice to enjoy living in a nice home is just as Godly as choosing to live in the wild.
What we have to remember in this life is that the bodies we inhabit are temporary, but that does not mean that they are not of God. Our vessels are temporary physical manifestations of life on the material plane so that we can experience and enjoy what is here on Earth. The challenge is to not become too attached to this material world to the point where we forget where we truly come from and who we really are, hence the journey to Know Thyself.
Long ago, souls became consumed with desire to live in this world and create more material things. Souls found that they could incarnate and physically create just as the Grand Immensity could go forth, multiply, and manifest all of life in the universe. The fall of man was the official separation of souls from the Grand Oneness that they knew in the beginning, and now we live in a continuous cycle of creation, desire, manifestation and death. Souls that managed to forget their true nature consciously remained in cycles of death and rebirth because they failed to let go of the material world in order to reintegrate. It’s as if they were addicted to the material plane here on Earth and simply cannot get enough. In may cases, they still are.
From my own perspective, the purpose of self-mastery here on Earth is to be able to fully embrace and live in this material world, enjoying all the pleasures and abundance that can be had here, without forgetting our true essence of spirit. The end goal is to master living and creating in this world, coexisting with all other life here on this planet, and uniting this material life with our understanding of our spiritual and cosmic origin.
All thoughts, words, and actions that can be perceived as “good” or “bad” boil down to intent. The intent behind all actions, business and personal, is what makes the action ethical or moral or neither. There are some who can be wildly wealthy and live in material abundance while doing business morally and ethically with the greater good in mind, and there are those who can live with nothing to their name and have ill will toward all. We must break away from trying to further separate the material and spiritual worlds and seek to unite the experience of both. At the end of the day, it is not the material wealth and abundance, or the lack thereof, that is “bad”, it is the intent behind why and how these things were obtained that is or is not ethical as it pertains to the greater good of humanity and life on Earth.
We should live in abundance and beauty, but we should also coexist and remember that this material life in only temporary. We should not become too attached to the material life because we are more than our physical vessels – we are spirit, we are of God.

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    1. WHY NOT USE THE “FORCE” to work in the “Material” world to try to find the “REASON” not just “PLAY” better in a “Material “GAME’? Not CO -EXIST but be the combined “Force” that they are?
      “YOU”inhabit a body but it does NOT limit “YOUR” control over “your’ LIFE’! Maybe “you” will not win the Pulitzer Prize but “YOU” don’t need it although it might be nice for “you” .?
      “YOU”will take only those things that you did with “YOU” that were what “YOU’ Knew were RIGHT.

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