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As we prepare to take in President Obama’s State of the Union Address, I contemplate the state of not only our country but also the world as a whole. There is much beauty and discord all manifesting at once and, in essence, they manifest a perfect balance of energies in this world. But we must be honest with ourselves, especially as peace talks cool down the Middle East while Russia and Ukraine are heating things up amidst all of the day-to-day trials, tribulations and turmoil in our world, this is a time to become more conscious – of our Selves and the world around us.
Too many Americans that I know personally and observe on Social Media make it a point to stick their heads in the sand and not pay attention to political matters and the news. I will not claim that there aren’t any shenanigans going on in the mainstream media that keep the masses in the dark on many topics, but there are also gems in newspapers and on news websites that too many of us do not take the time to look for. I observe many individuals who praise those in the alternative media, claiming that if it wasn’t for the alternative media hosts, they (the viewers/listeners) would not be informed about current affairs. But my issue with that claim is this, all alternative media hosts do is take headlines and news articles from the mainstream media and then give their own opinions on current affairs. Of course we are very entertained by the conspiracy theories and the independent investigative journalism, but even Alex Jones himself says that he’s not doing anything special. Alternative media moguls do nothing but pay attention to the issues that we either don’t have time to or simply choose not to be informed about. They read the headlines, they peruse the news articles, they make time to network and do their own research, and then they share what they find and their opinions. We all can do this and really bring to life the important discussions that need to be had about our world affairs.
Too often do Americans choose to be entertained by the latest celebrity fashion news or celebrity scandal as opposed to becoming informed about what actually takes place in real life. More individuals know about the fictitious president on “Scandal” than they really know about our own actual President of the United States. Too often do we retreat to our defeatist attitudes of not being able to change anything, so we would rather not even be informed. Too easily do we choose a world of oblivion to what is really taking place around us – even right in front of us. From income equality, to homelessness, to gay marriage, Obamacare, general healthcare concerns, covert operations that are in our favor and are not, government spending of American tax dollars… the list goes on and on and it seems to be a challenge to not only get the people to be properly educated on these topics, but also a challenge to get them interested in them for more than one night.
My fellow Americans, I call to action your willingness to become more consciously aware of the politicians that run our country. Be more aware of current affairs, take in news stories from mainstream and alternative media and then form your own opinions. Take action. Get involved in your local communities. Towns and cities have town hall meetings and so forth, attend one. Volunteer in your community on your off-days or with the extra time you have from being unemployed. Use your blogs and social media accounts to make a statement. Visit these government websites and read the documents that are actually put online for us to read.
Become more conscious of what is so that we can have more control in what will be.
Enjoy the show, my loves!

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