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We all have these great ideas. We often feel like we know it all and and can take on anything that comes our way, but that isn’t always the case. The very moment you think you’ve got it all figured out is the same moment when you find out that you were simply thinking too hard and overlooking what was right in front of you. For years I have been trying to figure out what it is that gets me going – what gives me drive. What I have always come back to is my writing, but there is still more to the story than what I think.
There is the plan that I have devised and want to go through with, and then there is the plan that has already been set in stone. The hard part comes when I have to decide which way to go – to the left with my ego or to the right with my inner guide. The ego has taken me many places, and I have seen many things. I have met many people and had various beneficial and painful experiences. But now I am at a point where I have to listen to my inner guide or be blocked into the life the ego has planned.
Attunement with The Cosmic does wonders; it allows me to see things I haven’t seen before. It has brought me to a point in life that I thought would never be possible, and it has also shown me that I have underestimated myself for a very long time. I have sought high and low for passions that have been with me all along. I have tried to “fit in” with the masses and what they are trained to believe is “the right way” to get through life and succeed. Now, as I take my life into my own hands and far away from the depths of darkness that most of the world dwells in, I see a new path – I see the Divine Plan.
What is the plan? Is the plan to go forth with the life of  completing mundane tasks for mundane people in a mundane world, or is it to break free from the world of chains, bondage and darkness into a world of light, freedom and creativity? The latter is what has been chosen for me, and what is most scary is that I actually believed that so much was unattainable. I actually believed that I wasn’t worthy of the Illumination that dwell within me, and I was surely incorrect in that assumption.
Sometimes figuring out the “right thing” to do doesn’t depend so much on what you like to do, it also depends on what you are meant to do. You can love to do many things, but if any of those things are not your true destiny, then road blocks will constantly pop up until you are ready to submit to your Higher Calling. Submission is one’s greatest test in life, for many of us feel more comfortable going along with the status quo. We want to feel accepted and validated, and that often includes being mediocre to avoid criticism and “hate” that comes from those who are inferior.
I say, rise – rise up to the challenge. Rise above those who seek to keep you down and soar beyond the limits that others feel should be imposed upon you. As I fly forward, I honestly have no idea where I will end up. However, I am glad that I have submitted, and I know that I am going in the “Right” direction.
Stay tuned! 😉

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