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Love Letters and Time

Tonight’s. The night. That I. Surrender.
To love. So raw. So real. So tender.
I ran. I hid. I cried. Forever.
My heart. She needs. Your love. Defend her.
A shell. So hard. The meat. So tender.
The crab. She crawls. The bowels. And embers.
Consumed. By fire. Now she. May never.
See life. The same. She’s changed. Forever.
My heart. Puree. My mind. A blender.
My letters. Were all. Returned. To sender.
My heart. Destroyed. My love. You end her.
I rise. Again. As I. Surrender.
I now. Give in. To you. My love.
Your eyes. Your hands. Your words. My love.
All that. I thought. I wanted. From life.
I surrender. To you. I change. My mind.
I want. Your love. I want. Your seed.
I want. Your partnership. You’re all. I need.
You heal. My pain. Whenever. I bleed.
I honor. Your soul. Respect. Its creed.
My love. I need you. Please stay. With me.
You don’t know. The pain. Whenever. You leave.
The tears. They fall. Fall down. My face.
My love. For you. I’ll never. Replace.
You are. The one. I need. This space.
Now and. Forever. I see. Your face.
I surrender. My love. My all. To you.
I hope. One day. You embrace. Me too.
Until. That day. I must. Remain.
So patient. With love. The wait. The pain.
I surrender. My love. I give you. My life.
I want. Nothing more. Than to be. Your wife.
I accept. My choice. Of you. Or nothing.
I embrace. Your love. Or I work. For something.
But something. Is nothing. It will never. Be enough.
My life. Has no meaning. Without you. My love.
I work. I run. I hide. I cry.
I avoid. My fears. I die. Inside.
I pray. And dream. And hope. And love.
And now. And forever. I surrender. To Love.

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