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It’s been  a while since the last time I’ve shared my thoughts, eh? Well, times have been changing and life has surely been eventful. Peter the Roman is now The Pope, and Buddhists are burning down Muslim neighborhoods in Myanmar. Not to mention, my own transformation. With all that is taking place in the world today – all of the strife and turmoil – there is still much, much beauty to be experienced. Spring has now begun in North America, and the weather is slowly beginning to warm up. The trees and flowers are blooming once more, and more importantly, our planet is ascending along with everyone and everything on it. Even scientists have recently reported that our beloved planet Earth is moving through an energy field that can rapidly raise the vibration of our solar system and bring evolutionary changes down to our human DNA.
The New Age and Spiritual Communities call this time, the New Age or the Golden Age. This is the time when all beings with low vibrations will be cleared out and those who have raised their vibrations, or are raising their vibrations, will ascend into the New Age and exist on a new astral plane, either 4-D (Fourth Dimension) or the beloved 5-D (Fifth Dimension). This process of transformation, although imminent, is quite gradual. I have personally been on the path of ascension for a few years, but my true awakening and ascent kicked in within a year. When speaking in terms of Cosmic “Time” one year can equate to one minute, maybe even one second, but for our personal experiences here on this Three Dimensional Plane, it’s an amount of time worth taking note of.
What I have taken note of in my experience is more than time – it’s my surroundings. I have been able to notice more and more the happenings of late, the mindsets of people, and the vibrations that are all around me. As I go through my various trials, learning my lessons and remembering my mastery, I also look up and see the lessons that other people still have to learn. I see the darkness that surrounds so many, and I also see how lost so many of those I thought were on their way truly are. I have networked with various kinds of people over the past few years, and they have helped me in some ways and exposed me to ideals that I had not heard of before. I took in so much from so many and I learned a lot, but now I feel like I have skyrocketed forward. I feel like I have seemingly out of nowhere skipped a few levels, and now I communicate with those who seemed to be ahead and feel myself looking back at them – behind me.
The paradox for me is this: how could people that know so much still understand so little? How could these people that I seemingly admired now appear to be virtually no less mundane than a random stranger on the street? It’s a moment of elation for me, as I can now know that I am going in the right direction and doing my part. Yet, there is a sense of melancholy due to seeing that so many people are so lost. As I write this post, I realize that the difference between my development and theirs is a difference in level of understanding and application of lessons learned. There are way to many individuals that read many texts and do a great job of recalling what was read, but do not truly understand the real meaning of the words and applying anything learned to daily life. Many claim that they “walk their talk” and that they have achieved many things, but they also fail to realize that bragging about ambitious endeavors and seeking to conspire against a system that taught them what they are deceiving themselves into believing via mediums that will provide nothing but a death trap is going to accomplish absolutely nothing.
It is said that one should be the change one wants to see in the world; in order to change the world, one must change oneself. And yet, no one wants to change. No one wants to truly do the inner work. Everyone wants to die a martyr, but no one wants to be worthy of the cross. How can one plan to change the world and not be willing to change one-self? How can one conspire to outsmart another that is clearly way more evolved than one is? It’s a sad story to tell. Too many people want to go to war without understanding and taking heed to the first rule of war: study the opponent and know what you are going up against. If anyone on this planet thinks that they will “win” by any sort of mundane means, then clearly one has not evolved beyond the level of the mundane that would rather go to the club every weekend – one simply has a different set of interests.
The times of prophecy are upon us, and we are truly living in The Last Days. These are the last days of the old paradigm. These are the last days of the old ways of thinking. These are the last days of the control by darkness. These are the last days for some to enjoy being nothing more than human. We must all evolve, individually and collectively. We must all take time to work on our Selves and be willing to accept The Master Within. Settling for what the Super Ego tries to make one believe will not help anyone in his or her quest for light, life, and love – it will only hinder individual and collective progress.
For those who want to make war, please understand: if one don’t truly know what it takes to create a fire, then don’t think one is worthy of even walking into the kitchen, much less of trying to cook something. There is a spiritual war going on, a mystical one of sorts, and a galactic one definitely. If one isn’t ready for Self, then how could one be ready for others?
Raise your own vibration, and everything around you will rise as well. Work on thyself. BE THYSELF. Until there is Self Mastery, leave The Art and The Craft to The Masters that understand. Trust me, there are many of us, but no where near as many as some would like to believe.
Blessed Be, my dear ones. Until next time… 🙂 Just be!

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