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My Black People, can you all say that you are proud? How far have we truly come? Many say “A long way”, and that is true, we have come a long way. But how long of a way have we really come? The days of American Slavery are over, yet we limit ourselves to the paid slavery of mindless dead-end jobs. We have the right to pursue various levels of education, but we promote ignorance and praise stupidity. No one is rounding us up to lay face down on slave ships, but we plank any given object because the masses say it’s “cool”. We are no longer degraded as niggers and coons, yet all we call each other are niggas and coons. How far have we really come?
The CEO of American Express has been an African-American man for over a decade. The 44th President of the United States of America is an African- American man. The Secretary of State for the G. W. Bush administration was an African-American woman. There are successful African- American artists and businessmen and businesswomen all over the country; however, the only ones we truly praise are those who sell ignorance. We glorify the degrading lyrics in rap music, and hate the truthful lyrics of honest hip hop music. We become fans of our peers because of their color, not their quality. We degrade any of our peers who want to further their education. We berate each other when we try to correct one another on grammatical and spelling mistakes. When one person makes it, there is a group of us waiting to pull the successful person down. How far have we really come?
I saw a video on my Facebook newsfeed, this video was recorded in Korea on a city bus, and a Barbaric Black man of pure and utter ratchet ignorance was having a field day. He was yelling degrading and hateful slurs and phrases and harassing a Korean couple. He began to punch on the male Korean after small attempts to physically harm the female counterpart. Why is this acceptable? How have we let our race become worse than what we were before? We have come so far, just to go no where at all. We have a select few who carry themselves with pride and respect. We have many that claim to have pride and respect and some level of intellect, but they still speak with a certain amount of ignorance and then are offended when corrected. Why must we be fake? Why is it that instead of moving forward with our progress and making the most of it, we have to make everyday life an ongoing battle?
Why do we keep allowing our peers to blame the “White Man” for our current mistakes? Hell, it was African Kings and Queens that sold African- American ancestors into slavery. Why is that “The White Man’s” fault? It is apparent that Blacks have hated their own kind for centuries, but when does the cycle end? When do we find love for ourselves that is unifying? When do black men stop glorifying the degradation of black women, just to turn around and call them hoes and marry white women or Spanish women? When will black women stop allowing black men to degrade them and treat themselves like the queens that they claim to be? When do we teach ourselves and our peers to have class and self-respect so that our off-spring can grow up with a sense of morality and pride? What will it take for a REAL change to come?
We have an African-American President named Barack Hussein Obama, and that is still not enough for Blacks to get it together. It is a sad story really. There will always be the select few who will be able to leave the hood and never turn back. Why is it that some successful blacks never give back to their communities, and if they do give, the gifts are limited? Could it be the everyday bother of someone looking for a handout? It is good to give, but too many are ungrateful. Could the issue be that there are too many who walk around as if someone owes them something, when they have done no work to earn anything? Could it be a change in mindset? If I can work hard and succeed, so can you! I can give you a hand, but I will not hand out anything! Those who “make it” are often demonized and labeled as selfish, but the only ones saying bad things are the ones that don’t have anything to show for themselves. Whose fault is that?
There is nothing to be proud about when we promote ignorance and glorify stupidity. We cannot honestly say that we are proud of our Black successes, when we are not willing to get up and make our own success. We cannot say that we are “on the grind” when we just hope to have something given to us. Blacks in America need to come out of their slave minds and rise up! There is a world to be had, and WE must take it! Nothing in this life was truly “handed” to anyone. Yes, there are some that had some privilege, but NO ONE get’s it all FREE! There MUST be blood, sweat, and tears put in. Work ethic is what makes the difference between a success and a failure. Determination is the difference between winning and losing. Drive and initiative are the difference between a dream and a vision.
What is most disappointing about having written this is that those who this applies to will openly criticise everything that has been said. They will make excuses for their failures and say that I am an Uncle Tom or something crazy because I believe that they should work and be intelligent and the same time. Having high hopes and expectations of Blacks is blasphemy! How dare we want the best for each other?!? Even educated Blacks say that greatness and freedom and education was not meant for us! If nothing greater was truly meant for us My Black People, then please tell me: What was? What is? What will be?

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  1. wow. I See that the video I posted really fueled something in you. There is really no easy way to approach this topic without hurting some feelings. It doesn’t do much when we criticize these things in forums like these but laugh heartily at it when it occurs in front of us. The best we can do for each other is to tackle it as a community one incident at a time.

  2. Again, I commend you my brilliant little sister. Your words bring to mind a song by the late James Brown – “I’m Black and I’m Proud.” I ask, proud of what? Proud that Blacks have the highest unemployment rate not only during this recession, but always .. when times are economically striving in this country … Blacks continue to have the highest unemployment rates. Blacks would rather pay non-Blacks than to boost the economy and talent of their own. For all of the weaves that the women in the Black community sport, the Koreans have locked them out of the hair business. The list is too long, but hope lingers when a mind such as yours dares to confront the issues with the truth.

    1. My brother spoke about an area of Atlanta that was developing (Cascade), the wealthy African Americans put their money into paying big business to come about instead of supporting Black owned and run restaurants in the area. smh… The same thing as always..

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