Posted on: December 1, 2012 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

I am scared of what I am becoming, but I feel I have no choice.
Screaming at the top of my lungs, yet feeling I have no voice.
For I – I am an artist. An artist living in darkness.
Seeking to illuminate the world with all the knowledge I harness.
But there is more to me than that; there is more to see.
A multitude of various sins dwells inside of me.
I have no fear of them, and no, I have no shame.
This is just one life, and I have played the game.
Love, lust and lies – I have done them all.
And now they come to haunt, sending me up a wall.
Feeling so deluded, with things I can’t recall.
I’m really starting to wonder, was I ever “good” at all?
Well behaved in general, and yes, a kindred heart,
But I have had a bad side, and loved it since the start.
Being sensual is special – loving the sacred art.
Men and women alike, I have had my part.
But I still feel insatiable – just haven’t had enough.
I really need to break free of trying to be so tough.
I’m way too tough on myself, and surely too tough on others.
Maybe I should go loosen up, preferably under the covers.
I can be very good, and yet oh so bad.
I am surely the best and worst woman you’ve never had.
‘Tis time to unleash the beast in spite of the current fad.
And with the mediocrity of the world – for this we will all be glad.
Welcome, my loves, welcome to my special land.
Please stay on your path, and grab your partner’s hand.
The road will be long and rough, and it will be new to see.
But I appreciate your support, now come along with me.

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