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As 2012 draws near, everyone seems to have magically become some sort of enlightened prophet. Many do a little bit of research and now can predict the date, time and actual event that will cause the end of the world as we know it thus far. I have seen many blogs and YouTube videos of the “prophecies” that have been unearthed. There is nothing new about what we see and hear on a day-to-day basis. Yet, there is always someone out there looking to make news.
I am not a hard core religion nut. I personally believe that in the case of religious beliefs, it is all the same story told differently. A lot of bad things will happen, and then it will all be over. The end. In the present time, there is much commentary from individuals that we should all open our Bibles and pray. We should look for the signs of the great rapture and be prepared for the second coming of Christ. I am not saying that there will not be any grandiose events coming in our near future, but scaring the public into a chaotic frenzy over what one thinks he has found in the Bible seems to be a bit much for me.
Allegedly, May 21, 2011 will be Judgment Day. At least to the founder of We Can Know radio, Harold Camping. According to a news article on, Camping came to this conclusion through his Bible readings. To Camping, “the Rapture is to occur 7,000 years after God’s first warning about the flood.” The date calculates out to be May 21, 2011.
I am not one to judge nor knock anyone’s views. However, Harold Camping also had a great revelation about the end of life occurring in 1994. Clearly, this did not take place. I am not saying that there is no possible way for this upcoming Saturday to be the last Sabbath day. But I do wonder, why should we take this “warning” seriously? I understand that the proof supposedly is in the Bible. I agree that the Bible is a Good Book. But I still have to stand strong in my position that I will believe it when I see it.
I cannot say without a shadow of a doubt that Saturday, May 21, 2011 will just be another day in life; however, I am strongly leaning toward that. We must all be aware of what is going on around us in this current time of tribulation and peril. We must acknowledge that death, famine, war and disease are present in our current world. We must take heed to any and all signs that may be shown to us about our future and what we have to look forward to.
Although Harold Camping says that May 21, 2011 will be the end, many religions, cultures, people, true prophets and philosophers all agree that December 21, 2012 should be our end date. There is still much to think about. Do not drop the ball.

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