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Were you one of the “cool kids” in school? What group of people did you hang out with? The jocks or the nerds? The “tight” kids or the “lame” kids? The populars or the nobodies? Did you play any sports? Were you varsity or JV? Did that make a difference? Did you fit in because you had nice clothes and rich parents? Were you shunned because you were poor? Were you cool because you were pretty? Did people make fun of you because you were smart? If you are an adult, think about your life today. Has anything changed? More than likely, no. You are either still that really popular person that everyone likes, the nerd everyone hates, the bully everyone is afraid of or the regular lame that just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Here is the question: What makes people cool?
From what I have seen, insecurities make people cool. The most insecure people go out of their way to degrade those who seem to be weaker in public forums. This happens in school hallways, work break rooms, in homes and especially on social networking sites. I have recently seen a status that said there are lames and lame statuses on Facebook and there should be a “KillYourself” button added, then this person went on to comment that people ask him if he associates with those so called “lame” people and he denies that he would and says “It’s Facebook.” Really? More than likely he is lying about one of those “lames he doesn’t hang out with”, but he wants to portray himself as cool to save his “reputation”. Why does it matter so much what other people think? Who are they that their opinion actually matters? What is most interesting about this whole debacle is that most people that are worried about the pettiness of other people’s opinions are unimportant themselves. The real kicker is that the people who they seek praise from have no money, no power and no respect, that includes self respect. In this moment of vulgar truth I must say, who gives a fuck what they think?
Also, I commend Twitter’s successful psychological manipulation of the masses with the “following vs follower” scheme. People spend their lives on Twitter attempting to concoct the wittiest remarks that people will want to “follow”. People beg for followers on Twitter. Trending topics are created by idiots that have to find the most negative thing on the planet to tweet about, such as “reasons to beat your girlfriend”. Are you serious? It’s cool to beat on women, and the world is participating in naming reasons to beat on women? What pathetic little boy that never got a chance to be loved by a woman came up with that one? What girl broke his heart? Who was he mad at? People actually take Twitter serious enough to make comments on someone’s Following/Follower ratio. When did Twitter get technical to the point where ratios mattered? It’s a networking site, NETWORK!
Everyone wants to seem cool. Everyone wants to be popular. Everyone wants to be famous. Everyone wants to be a legend. Everyone wants to be noticed. Most imbeciles begging for attention have no talent, no intellect, no drive, no ambition and no real idea of what fame and fortune is like. In all honesty, they couldn’t hack the reality of the “dream life”. People would actually have to do work and participate in reality in order to make the dream happen. People would have to sit down and realise that they wasted their lives being too cool for school, talent and intellect. People would have to admit that their priorities are not in order. People would have to wake up and see that being able to smoke more blunts than a C- List rapper or rock star is not what it takes to make a difference. People will have to realise that all of this materialistic crap that they focus on within other people, that they themselves do not have, doesn’t matter. That’s a scary thought.
In addition to all of this craziness, when did it become cool to be ignorant? People that portray themselves to be as simple minded as possible are praised like they just invented something. Congratulations on being the best ignoramus of the day! Where’s the dunce cap? It has a new futuristic tattoo design on it! Rock on! I log on to social networking sites and read certain text messages and my head hurts. My head hurts because people seriously misspell words and typ3 l1k3 th!s (type like this). What baffles me the most is that they are OFFENDED when someone corrects them! African- Americans say that other African- Americans are “trying to be white” when African- Americans with brains correct the dunces on grammar and spelling. African- Americans have been telling each other to “Stop trying to be white” for decades. So it’s cool to be uneducated? That’s very attractive. So much for the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King Jr. and his other allies that worked hard to achieve equal rights and education have officially died in vain. No wonder black people call themselves niggers. That’s what they are! I don’t care how people spell it, it’s still the same word! The end. I am not saying that there aren’t ignorant fools in other races and ethnic groups. Generally, these cases take place in poor neighborhoods. The broke and ignorant do their best to keep their peers from achieving any greatness; they actively promote stupidity and call it “cool”.
Has anyone ever noticed that the “cool kids” always make it a point to point out what someone else does or does not have? They go out of their way to show the world what someone is or is not doing. However, when those “cool kids” are put on the spot, they are more defensive than ever. Everything goes from fun and games to a serious argument and then jokes become fighting words. I smell self- esteem issues. According to Merriam- Webster online dictionary, self esteem is defined as follows: “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself : self-respect”. Now, if these cool kids were really so “cool” and they were so confident in themselves as they claim to be, why would there be a need to point out and make fun of others? Why would they be offended when others make fun of them? Why is there a need to impress people that do not matter? Why are they unable to take constructive criticism?  Why are the offended by the truth about themselves? I have had my points in life where I was insecure and unhappy with myself. Jokes and so on would hurt my feelings. I didn’t go fighting the world about it, but I was not happy either. Today, if someone was to make a negative remark about me, I would either project the demon back onto that person or simply ask, “Why does it matter?” “It’s not bothering me, why is it bothering you?”
People need to get over themselves. People need to stop focusing on what’s cool and what isn’t. What makes a person really cool is honestly not caring about what other people think and doing what they want to do regardless. People need to strive to be upstanding citizens that can handle the ugly and bitter truth, and then make improvements on themselves where improvements are needed. People need to stop focusing on whether their crowd is the “cool crowd”, if they have more Facebook friends than other people, how many followers they have, if their tweets are funny enough and if they are winning over someone else or not. Not knowing and being happy with who you are really isn’t cool, and taking it out on other people is pathetic. Look in the mirror, see the truth, and either do something about it, or suck it up and deal with it!

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