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Today is all about diving into the new beginning! Things are moving forward on our journey into this new paradigm of living, but there are still some kinks to be worked out, and today is the day to do it. Relationships and partnerships are key today, which is fitting considering the American Thanksgiving holiday. It’s all about working out any misunderstandings and settling any qualms. There may be unwanted conversations and confrontations, but they must be had in order to bring into light that which has been hidden in the darkness. We are called to keep our egos in check, as the energies that are moving the events of the day are beyond our control. The Universe is putting everyone and everything into place. We are called to be conscious and prepared!
Mythic Tarot

Today we are inwardly at a place where we are challenged to get in touch with our ethics and morals and go forth to make manifest. This process may be stifled by our continued journey through study and observation of our surroundings. We are still bringing together our ideals and developing our world views. On the surface we are facing an envious and competitive world, and we have to embrace our ambitious and competitive instincts. At the core of it all, we are in the realm of the unconscious — in the proverbial womb — waiting to be reborn into our new lives and ways of being.
As we transition from embracing a fulfillment of long cherished desires — whether this is a manifestation or a calming peace that comes from separation — we are moving into a feeling of permanence and contentment in our lives. Something has been created that will last far beyond the temporal experience. We will find ourselves inwardly experiencing some frustration and resentment in our relationships. We may run into conflicts that become exacerbated, or we may simply not be happy with how things in our lives are manifesting.
Others will see us finally becoming united with our Higher Selves. We are embarking on this new journey with a new partnership that has been built on the spiritual level — inwardly and outwardly. Our hopes and fears lie with the manifesting of money in small sums and our need to invest it wisely as opposed to hoarding it. In the end, we will inwardly experience a time of revelation, as money and energy manifest in small sums that cause us to explore our upcoming works and tangible futures.
Egyptian Cartouche 
Ego is the word for today. We are in a place where we have gotten ahead of ourselves in some aspect of our lives. We have placed ourselves on a pedestal that we are not deserving of. We are condescending and bossy toward others. This is due to the polarizing of our selves — the masculine and feminine aspects — and our attempts to integrate via partnerships and relationships with others. 
We should take into consideration any and all misjudgments. Either we have misjudged others or we have been misjudged, or both. The suggestion is to take pains to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. If Spirit inspires us to initiate communication, then do so. If an opportunity arises to talk things out and address the tough issues, do not turn away and leave things stagnant. 
In the end, we will find that things hidden will be brought to light. There will be an opportunity to understand the situation more deeply and more clearly. New possibilities will emerge, even new persons will be introduced into our lives if that is what is called for. So whatever or whoever it is that we have a conflict with, we should embrace rectification and reconciliation, in whatever way it is to manifest. There are things in the unseen world that need to be made manifest, and only right action will bring what is in the dark into the light.
Viking Runes
We are in the midst of our initiation into this new paradigm or existence. The dark night is over and we are moving forward into the sunlight. We have progressed enough on our journey to feel secure about where we are now, and now the sun can begin to illuminate all that is within and around us. 
At the core of our experience today is the journey. We are moving toward self-healing and self-transformation. We must trust the process of awakening and reconciliation. While there are moments when we should wait, there are also moments of forward progress, and today is a day to be in the flow of things.
The suggestion for today is to embrace the disruptive natural forces. The urge for change, freedom, invention and so on will abound and we are to embrace this energy fully with trust and openness. Plans may be disrupted, an unexpected turn out may manifest, things hidden may come to light that will cause a sudden disruption of the status quo. 
The outcome of today will be partnership. From the union of the Higher Self and lower self to the beginning of new relationships or deepened partnerships, today will be a fulfilling day filled with positive surprises, even if they come disguised as disruptions or losses.
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