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Today is a day of light, life, and love. While things may start out a bit rough with conflicts and emotional outbursts, the day will end with a new level of understanding, stability, and a much needed breakthrough. All things considered, today is a day to face past fears and let them go. We are called to remove and and all blocks that we have in place. While we may call these walls barriers of protection, we are actually blocking nothing but the blessings God is manifesting in our lives! Today is the day to stop and let go! Today is a day to submit and receive!
Egyptian Cartouche

Today we face manifestations of indiscretion, inattentiveness, and indifference. Someone could be spilling the beans about things that should be sacred, someone could be spreading rumors, or someone could simply be a bit cruel due to detachment. This is due to issues with the ego. We, or someone else, could be wrapped up in thoughts of self. Someone could be hell-bent on indulging in his or her own whims at the cost of others. There is also the aspect of bossiness. We, or another, are seeking to take charge of a situation that doesn’t need to be further tampered with.
We should take into consideration ingenuity and the positive aspects of masculinity. Imagine the male who has a high level of integrity and is willing to put in hard work for what he wants. New inventions and manifestations are all things to keep in mind. In this New Cosmic Day, we have to embrace new energy and new manifestations of our wildest dreams coming true — even if they come in unexpected packaging.
Today’s suggestion is to embrace our emotions and the new flow of life. There may be moments when we feel that some things are too good to be true, or we feel that feelings are too much to engage at any time. But a healthy flow of emotions is healthy for our souls. We should let go and embrace all that is manifesting before us, even if the final picture isn’t too clear yet.
The final outcome of today will be growth, fertility, and stability. As we grow in our capacity to embrace and control our emotional outbursts — or handle the outbursts of another — we will also manifest opportunities to fertilize healthy partnerships and transactions. Money will become stable. Family life will be more stable. Even romantic partnerships will have a breakthrough in growth and stability with great potential for the future. So go forth today, embracing your true feelings, and be willing to grow and plant good seeds for a plentiful and stable future!

Viking Runes
Today we face a standstill. All things that we attempt to push forward with don’t seem to be working out. Certain situations may fall apart or endure some level of strain. This is a day of submission to the divine plan and a day to realize that our thoughts and will are not always in alignment with God’s plan. This is due to growth. We are in a period of mass transformation when we are challenged to go forth with deep care and awareness. We must stop resisting the change that is coming into our lives and engage. Modesty, patience, and generosity are needed at this time, and we must develop these things.
At the root of today’s energy is the opening. This is the time when we are to do nothing but receive the blessings that God is manifesting in our lives. We are opening up to new energies and manifestations of bliss and what we may perceive as heaven on Earth. We should definitely cherish this time.
The suggestion for the day is to manifest protection for ourselves. We are called to be in control of our emotions as challenges and unwanted influences come around. All is a test of perseverance and an opportunity for growth. The best thing we can do is take right action at the right time.
The final outcome of today will be a breakthrough. With right action and timeliness, in harmony with a controlled embrace of our emotions, we will be able to see a transformation in ourselves and our lives. We must engage radical trust in the unknown and vanquish all urges to block right action and resist what is coming into our lives at this time.
All shall be well if we allow it to. From money and careers to family and romantic partnerships, there is a major shift taking place, and it is in our best interest to trust, let go, submit, and receive.

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