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It seems as though the challenges won’t end. Today we are facing concerns with the relationships in our lives. We are finding out where we are resisting positive change. We will be met with mixed signals and unclear messages. Don’t let this all get to you! This is all a test! We are in the midst of an initiation period, and everything we are experiencing is manifesting cleansing and healing. We are truly reconciling things now. We should remain vigilant and keep our hopes up. We need to keep our emotions under control and not be impulsive. Today is a day to test our resolve!
Egyptian Cartouche

Today we need to manifest and embrace happiness in our lives. We are in a place where devotedness and fidelity are of paramount importance, and we must stand firm in our integrity and follow our intuition. This is due to an encounter with superstition, selfish lack of concern — even over possessiveness. We need to keep in mind that we are going through a period of initiation. The transformation of life as we know it in the new Cosmic Day is a testing period of sorts, preparing us for the blessings that are manifesting in our lives. We are being met with past pains and our shadow selves. We are healing things that need to be reconciled in order to manifest the Highest Good. As long as we stick things out and put in the work, all shall fare well.
The suggestion for today is to not going into anything in blind obedience. Ask questions, if needed. Don’t make any decisions without thinking them through thoroughly. Pay attention to your conscience and the signs God manifests. Take pains to pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions, for this is not a time to be impulsive. We must make sure we are not repeating old patterns and continuing to manifest old habits.
The outcome of today will be that our situation is not fixed. Mercury Retrograde and the now waning moon have done a number on our lives, but this is all in Divine Order. All is a test of patience and revelation of key areas to work on. When things seem to be falling apart, they are falling into place. Don’t expect negative outcomes.

Viking Runes
Partnership is the theme of today. From personal relationships to general affiliations to business partnerships, one or all connections have potential to be at the center of today’s experience. We are to remember that healthy partnerships require two whole and separate beings — Jachin and Boaz are required to hold up the porch entrance to Solomon’s Temple. We should remember to allow space between ourselves and our partners for individuality and harmony. This is due to our growth. We are constantly learning and growing and our relationships are important aspects of that process. We are to go forward with care and awareness. We must clear all resistance to the change coming into our lives so that we may engage our blessings harmoniously.
At the root of today’s energy is a new life unfolding. New connections and surprises may abound. While Mercury is in Retrograde, we may be getting mixed messages and signals. Things aren’t what they seem to be on the surface, and we are to be careful to not be reactive at this time.
The suggestion is, again, to take great care to not be impulsive. Hasty and ill-timed actions — or reactions — will simply be a waste of energy. If an association is short-lived, then know that the connection has served its purpose. What can be learned from all this?
Ruptures in some relationships are likely today. Plans may not go as we had hoped. Outcomes will confuse us. Desires will elude us. However, every set back is a set up. All is for the Highest Good!

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