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Mercury Retrograde is wreaking havoc yet again and today is filled with nothing but warnings and messages to stay calm and collected. We will meet adversaries and outdated relationships that need to be reconciled and dealt with once and for all. We will find ourselves contemplating the consequences of our choices. We will be forced to go forth with a new mindset. Be sure to stay in control today, for the energies and manifestations of the day will be less than desirable.
Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are faced with a person who does not have our best interest at heart. This is due to either someone being secretive or needing to be discreet about some things. This is a time to be in observation mode, paying close attention to all persons in our lives. We should take into consideration healing, creativity, and the arts. We are still in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, which is a time for healing and reconciling various relationships. This is a time to be creative and inventive with how we go forth in our daily lives and repair the things that have been damaged — even if we have to be creative in how we let some things and people go. Indulging in the arts will be very therapeutic to us at this time.
The suggestion is to be cautious in our dealings today. We should take pains to be aware of all those we come into contact with and remain in control of our emotions. We may endure some insensitivity and remoteness, either from within or from others.
The outcome of the day will be a need to leave things alone. Hedonism made manifest in the person who needs to indulge in his or her own whims at all costs is quite likely. Bossiness and overbearing domination may attempt to manifest, so we should definitely lay low today. This isn’t a day to force our will into any situation, for that will more than likely make things worse. If at all possible, remain to yourself today, and stay in attunement with Divine Guidance.

Viking Runes
This is a time of preparation. The completion of new beginnings is at hand and life is fertile for bearing new fruit in our lives. This is due to our giving up the old so we can receive the new. Outdated relationships and habits are dying away and, finally, we are letting them go. At the root of today’s energy is recharging and regenerating on all levels. We are seeking and embracing opportunities to manifest wholeness. The light of the new Cosmic Day is beginning to come into view and life force is at our disposal to make manifest.
The suggestion for today is defense. We will need to manifest and use avertive powers to avoid collapse and destruction. Through inconvenience and discomfort we are able to grow. We should take pains to not be overly eager to press forward or force our will into any situation. Perseverance and foresight are called for. The consequences of our thoughts, will, and actions will need to be carefully considered.
The final outcome of today is concern over missed or failed communications, lack of clarity, uncertainty, and adversity. We will need to understand that there is opportunity in adversity and contemplate the uses of our trials and tribulations. This may be a rough day, but it will purify us and continue to bring us closer to manifesting the Highest Good via our Higher Selves.

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