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Today is generally a good day. We’re finally getting a glimpse of the great things that are to come into our lives with this new Cosmic Day! New partnerships, relationships, jobs, career opportunities, and so on are now revealing themselves. This is a great development and something we have all been waiting for, but our work is not done yet. Today is the beginning of the preparation process. We are to take pains to explore any self-delusive and self-sabotaging attitudes and reconcile. We are to embrace the final closing of the lives that we have lived and embrace the manifestation of our new lives to come. While there is inner, and even outer, work to be done, today will be a harbinger of good news and our new lives to come!
Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are experiencing inspiration and divine guidance. We are charged with energy to make manifest creatively in our lives. Things are flowing and going in our favor. This is due to a new elevation in status. We have experienced some kind of promotion as we level up in this new cosmic day. This promotion could be at work, in the home, or the beginning of a new relationship.
We should take into consideration any aggression and imbalance within ourselves and others around us. This is a time to catch any faults before they manifest problems in our new experiences. There may be a tendency on someone’s part to be too chauvinistic or set in his or her ways. So be conscious of personality quirks, and if they come from within, then keep them in check.
The suggestion is to explore any self-delusive attitudes and give space to ourselves and our loved ones. We will need to sort out some things within ourselves, or let others get straightened out.
The final outcome will be friction and inertia. We will come face to face with situations or attitudes that may not take well to how we are handling our transition. Whether we are still having inner battles of ego or we are having outer conflicts with people who do not understand how we handle transition, we will be faced with a challenge today. But don’t fret, this is much needed to clear the way for us to go forth in this new cosmic day!

Viking Runes
Today is a day of disruption, but not necessarily the negative kind. In this new cosmic day we are facing the challenge of clearing out the old and embracing the new. At the core of this overall transformation is disruption: there is an abrupt end to the  old lives we knew so we can embrace that which is manifesting now. This disruption is caused by our keen awareness at this time. We are more conscious on multiple levels, and we are paying much more attention to the daily happenings of late.
At the core of the day is the opening up of our new day and new lives. We are now able to receive as well as give without attachment or expectation. We are able to open up in our relationships and allow an open flow of feeling and communication. Harmony is manifesting in our lives, and this is a great transition.
The suggestion for today is to explore where our strength is being used against us. We are to be cautious in our dealings and not put up any blocks due to old conditioning or old ways of thinking. If there are any symbolic walls put up around us, we must begin to slowly tear them down so we can see the beauty of what is on the other side. 
The final outcome will be the fertility of new life coming into existence. As we enter into our new lives, we are to take pains to get out of old ruts, let go of old grudges, and let go of old, unfulfilling relationships. Today is a day of preparation and a day to ensure we are prepared for what is to come. So finish clearing the old and embrace the new! 

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