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Today we are challenged with the need to come to our senses and finally release something within ourselves that is no longer conducive to our spiritual growth. There is some shadow aspect of ourselves that needs to be dealt with, and we are called to do this today.
The day will be filled with revelation and releasing. there will be clearing and understanding. We will find ourselves in a moment of clarity, where we will finally understand that in order to move toward better, we have to do and become better.

Mythic Tarot

Today we are inwardly taking time to contemplate the vicissitudes of life. We are gaining wisdom and patience with our new lives and this new life we are embracing. In the way of our concentration is a manifested career decision. we are seeing the plan through or working to make manifest, and yet, we are challenged to choose between continuing with what we have already built or just diving fully into a new project.
On the surface, there is money or substance to be shared. We are called to give as well and receive. Faith in ourselves and in life is being restored, but at the core there is some boredom, doubt, and even resentment in a particular relationship, and these things need to be reconciled.
We are leaving behind a period of being hard-working apprentices, struggling to learn new skills, and we will be entering a manifested period of clarity. It will be as if the sun has come up and is shining down upon us, illuminating all that is around and allowing us to see daylight again!
We will find ourselves dealing with nostalgia. We have come to terms with the past, and we are now prepared to move forward knowing that the past leads to the future and more is to come. Others will see our strategic nature and characteristics of leadership.
Our hopes and fears lie with our diving head first into a new experience. We are in a new chapter of life, and we are not completely sure of the outcome, but everything is becoming clearer by the moment. The final outcome of the day will be our confrontation with a tense situation that we have been avoiding for some time. It’s best that we go ahead and get the situation settled instead of maintaining the status quo.

Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are being inventive and creative in various aspects of our lives. This is due to a lack of grounding, and even money troubles. We are making manifest so we can go forth with confidence in ourselves and our livelihoods. We should take into consideration our fleeting behavior as of late. Where have we been a bit flaky and in-and-out of situations?
It is suggested that we embrace the Divine Feminine energies that are becoming more prevalent in our lives. We are to get ourselves and our lives in order. We are to take care of the home. We are to clear our minds, bodies, and souls.
The final outcome will an encounter with the self-righteous — possibly self-delusive — aspects of characters. This can be within, without, or both. We must be honest and clear with ourselves at all times. This may be a revealing day.
Viking Runes
Our forward movement is blocked. We are being delayed in some area, and we need to examine this. This has manifested because of our awake and alert state that has been in effect for the past couple of days. We are paying attention to what is around us, and finding out things about ourselves.
At the core, we need to go within ourselves and come to terms with who we truly are. There is something we need to fess up to or acknowledge. We need to look the issue dead in the proverbial face and reconcile.
The suggestion is to contemplate the soul’s journey. The journey of self-change and self- transformation. We should embrace this journey and allow ourselves to grow. The final outcome will be a need to face the constraints and limitations that come with being who we truly are within the confines of material reality. We have to accept things as they are while continuing to dream of what they will become.

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