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Today is about the Self emerging from the ashes of the self. As we enter this new paradigm, we are being forced to change how we have been doing things. The old ego persona is falling away and we have been coming to terms with the reality of who we truly are and how to live life within the confines of material reality.
Today is a day to keep our discernment sharp and go with the flow of positive energy and right action. We will be met with the realm of the subconscious mind and the challenge to follow our intuition as we go forward.

Mythic Tarot

We are hard working apprentices, struggling to acquire new skills. This new paradigm is calling for us to change how we think, feel, and act. We could also be embracing hidden talents that can become new careers or hobbies that can become professions. We are developing into more whole beings whose lives are in harmony with divine laws. However, we are encountering the part of ourselves that reflects leadership. We are developing ideas and selling them to others, although we may not have mastered the concept in mind yet.
On the surface we are inwardly discovering hidden potentials that can be made manifest. We are having elusive glimpses into the future, and we are seeing that the journey is possible in spite of any and all adversity. At the core of the whole day is the inner feeling of nostalgia. There is something from the past that we have come to terms with. There is a feeling of serenity, though, for the future can be built with the building blocks of the past.
The energy we leave behind today is that of giving and receiving, and we are going to experience an influx of public acclaim or acknowledgement of some kind.
We will find ourselves with an uprush of creative energy, although no concrete plans or goals have been developed. Restlessness and a desire to make manifest come to us today. Others will see us as The Fool, engaging in a new adventure in life that will take us on another journey of growth and transformation.
Our hopes and fears for today lie in coming face to face with the confines of material reality. We are inwardly coming to terms with the reality of our dreams being made manifest. There will be some let downs and disappointments, but we simply have to accept the limitations that are before us and make manifest in a realistic manner. 
The final outcome of the day will be an encounter with the world of the subconscious mind. We can do nothing but cling to elusive images of dreams and a vague sense of hope and faith. We go forth into the unknown, into this endless journey of transformation, with patience and courage.

Egyptian Cartouche

Wisdom, discernment, and honesty are at an all time high today. We are capable of getting the job done and being successful in the face of adversity and opponents. This is due to the mental healing that has taken place. Happiness is abounding and the clouds of our detriment are leaving us. Psychic protection, fidelity, and devotedness are in the air and actively manifesting in our lives.
We should take into consideration our time of looking inward. This is vital to our transformation, but we must remember to keep all things in proper alignment and not be so caught up in ourselves that we block out the material reality of life.
The suggestion for today is to carfefully examine all that is put before us. Not all things are placed in our paths for our benefit. We should use the sharp discernment of the day to make sound and astute decisions. As 1 John 4:1 states, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”
The final outcome of the day will be the experience of the phoenix within us being born and manifest. We will experience an uprush and surge of creative energy as our confidence is boosted via a renewal of trust in the Divine and following our intuition and guidance from the Higher Self.

Viking Runes
Today we are experiencing, yet again, the energies of advancements in partnerships — mainly with our Higher Selves. This is due to the control of emotions that is needed during this time of transition and transformation. As we ride the waves of new energy, we will need to stay grounded and not give in to emotional outbursts. Right action at the right time is always to be taken into consideration. At the core of the day is the harvest. We are reaping the rewards for efforts made over time, and we are being called to tend to the seeds that we are planting now.
The suggestion for the day is to go with the flow and embrace all this is manifesting on this day. Allow the changes to come in and embrace them — make this new life a welcome one.
The final outcome of the day will be Self. Simply being in tune with our own natural rhythm and finding that all is a reflection of what we have going on within. With all endings is the new beginning, and it all begins with Self.

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