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Today is a day when inner work will yield positive results outwardly. We are called to go within and face our shadow selves. We are challenged to reconcile old, destructive thought patterns and outdated world views. As we do this work and transmute the energy within, we will find that the day will end with on a positive note. We will experience mental and emotional healing that is long overdue. We will find a the joy and happiness that we have long for for so long. Most importantly, we will experience a new level of growth — one that leads to the outward manifestation of our highest good and the rewards that come from diligent inner work to become our best selves. This will be a day of challenge that will end beautifully! Enjoy it!

Egyptian Cartouche

Disloyalty, inconstancy, and selfishness are manifesting themselves today. There are situations where we have been unable to bear fruit. This is due to bigotry, stubbornness, and unnecessary aggression from us or others. There has been a stubborn block that has slowed down progress in a significant area of our lives. We should take into consideration this period of grounding. Entering this new Cosmic Day has manifested many disruptions, and now we are coming back down to earth and becoming more stable.
The suggestion for today is to go with the flow and take flight. Things will move faster and take off once we do. Although we will have to make manifest within the confines of material reality, when we find ways to energetically shift the situation in favor of the highest good, then blockages will be moved immediately.
The final outcome of the day will be mental healing. We can finally chill and think a bit more clearly. Our intuition will be heightened, and we will feel protected. We will finally experience a bit of joy and happiness if we take right action and allow ourselves to. 
The day may start out slow, but it will end beautifully. Embrace the day and make manifest!

Viking Runes
A huge and much overdue breakthrough is manifesting today. This is due to our willingness to flow with the new energies that are manifesting around us now. We are now allowing ourselves to get in tune with the new life that is coming into view, and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel — no matter how faint it may be. 
At the core of today’s energy is constraint. We are challenged to face our shadow side and reconcile things within that have stunted our growth. While we are moving forward in our new lives in this new Cosmic Day, we could be moving faster and more smoothly, so introspection and conscious action to exert our will for the highest good are called for.
The suggestion for today is to go within and disrupt the world of the archetypal mind. There are inner thought patterns and long-held beliefs that need to be transmuted for the highest good. This change will allow us to attune to and manifest harmonious living in this new age.
The final outcome is growth. While the cartouche signaled a joyous and happy ending, there will also be healing and therapeutic growth — inner growth. Our minds will finally be put at ease and our hearts will be able to open wider to love from ourselves and others. 
This is definitely a day of tying up loose ends, but the results within just this one day will be amazing!

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