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Today is one of the last days we will be in this deep state of disruption and inner reflection. This is a day to seek proper guidance on issues that we have going on within. We are also called to embrace this new Cosmic Day that we are entering and surrender to all of the new energies that are flowing around us. We will find ourselves with a new sense of joy and a feeling of hope. We know that the journey has been worth it, and now we can begin to enjoy all that is to come. We are also called to develop patience and learn to be silent. We are to embrace the art of stillness in order to manifest continued peace and bliss in our lives.

 Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are facing aspects of ourselves and/or others that are manifesting illness and even narcissism. This is due to a disconnect with material reality and relationships. There has been extreme introversion on some level, which may have created delusions. We should take into consideration our period of psychic achievement. As we are entering this new Cosmic Day, we are seeing the manifestations of our inner growth. We are amazed by the vast amounts of wisdom that are coming forth and even flowing through us. We have taken much pride in our progress, possibly to a fault.
The suggestion for today is to seek guidance from a trusted source. We should consult a wise counselor. This can come through listening to a lecture, talking to a friend with more experience, or simply going into a period of meditation. The final outcome of the day will be a time of patience, observation, and the need to keep our mouths shut. New revelations will show us that it is just as wise and productive to stay still and quiet as it is to be active and outspoken.

Viking Runes
We are still in the grip of this disruption that has manifested with our entrance into the new Cosmic Day. This is due to a need to examine all personal relationships and associations. We are to take pains to go over what is healthy for us, what isn’t, and take responsibility for our contribution to all situations.
At the core of the day is our strength is being used against us. We are to be cautious in our dealings and not put up any blocks due to old conditioning or old ways of thinking. If there are any symbolic walls put up around us, we must begin to slowly tear them down so we can see the beauty of what is on the other side.
The suggestion for today is to embrace the fertility of new life coming into existence. As we enter into our new lives, we are to take pains to get out of old ruts, let go of old grudges, and let go of old, unfulfilling relationships.
The final outcome will be joy. We will finally come to ourselves and the shift will begin to be finalized — with right action of course. The joyousness comes with new energy, energy blocked before now. We will finally be able to fully attune with the new energies flowing around us and receive the blessings that are to come. Today will be a day of restoration when the self is aligned with the Self — finally!

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