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This is a day of realization and radical separation. All energy, within and without, that is causing blocks in our material life will be dealt with today. This separation will be more of an inner separation, though. We will part with outdated ways of thinking and being. We will be releasing old habits and patterns that do not serve our growth. We will be revisiting associations that reflect these negative and counterproductive thought patterns and habits. As we go within to retreat and reconcile, we will be disconnecting with the old reality and reconnecting with our Selves in the new reality.

Egyptian Cartouche

We have found some sense of wisdom and honesty. We are going forth with caution and keen discernment. This is due to a disconnect with material reality and relationships. There has been extreme introversion on some level, which may have created delusions. These delusions have now played themselves out, and we have a clearer perspective on things.
We should take into consideration the need to know when to keep quiet and be observant. There are times when silence is truly golden, while speech is counter productive. There are also times when it is unwise to be silent, for the situation may call for a person’s morals and ethics to be communicated and made known. Have we been actively applying the balance between speech and silence? We must always be conscious and choose our words wisely.
The suggestion for today is to take better care of ourselves and others. We are to mother ourselves back to good health and manifest strength from our divine feminine energy. There are times when passive strength is far more effective than active strength. 
The final outcome will be misfortune, ill health, conceit and dealing with pseudo-intellectuality. We will face these things within ourselves or manifested through others. The suggestion to be silent will come in handy, because this is a time for introspection. We must explore how these things manifest in us and why. We must consciously seek ways to grow and move beyond false illusions and personas. Today is a day for learning and growing. Be conscious and then go within.

Viking Runes
Today we are challenged to be clear with ourselves. We are facing up and admitting hard truths to ourselves. We are releasing things that we no longer should hold on to. Wherever we are experiencing a blockage, we are challenged to look within ourselves to see where this block is coming from, for the enemy we see without truly exists within. This is due to our examination of the associations we have now. We are seeing where we are being used and taking responsibility for our contributions to unsatisfactory situations.
At the core of the day is flow. We are getting in tune with our new Cosmic Day and finally making necessary changes that are needed. We are developing more concrete ideals and principles, and we are allowing ourselves to flow with the energies that are manifesting now. We are finally taking right action.
The suggestion for today is to contemplate and attune with the soul’s journey. We are to go within and remember that we are on the hero’s journey to fight through all manifestations of adversity to reach the goal of completion and a brand new existence. We are called to become more conscious in all aspects of our lives so that we make the most of this journey.
The final outcome of the day will be a retreat. We will experience a radical severance from something that we have held dear to us for a long time. This sacrifice will set us up to receive the material manifestations of the blessings to come with our emerging Golden Age.
So be prepared for things to fall apart in order to fall into place. Go within and continue to reconcile all things!

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