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This month’s full moon brings energy of manifestation and creation. We are now in the new Cosmic Day and the we have endured the sharp pains of growth and disruption. While we are naturally pleased with our progress, we shouldn’t get too caught up in ourselves. There is still much work to be done in the mundane world of manifestation.
This weekend we should recharge and realign. We should start drawing up plans for the next big idea. We will need to open ourselves up to the energy of manifestation. This will be a prosperous time for us all if we take right action. Make manifest!

Mythic Tarot

This full moon period we will be inwardly formulating projects to be made manifest in the world, but this process may be stifled by our outward expression of self- assurance and satisfaction. We are proud of ourselves and our accomplishments — and rightfully so — but this may be a bit distracting from the task at hand.

On the surface we are encountering a time when a solution can only be made manifest after some conflict. The old order is being threatened and we must embrace this disruption and confront this conflict head on in order to move forward. At the core of this time, we are experiencing the feeling of being overburdened and oppressed by worldly concerns. We have taken on too much and need to take a step back.

As we leave the suffocating grip of the subconscious world, where we only have our dreams and faint glimpses of hope, we enter into a period of time when some love affair has begun or a cherished wish has been made manifest. There is a manifestation of emotional satisfaction and completion.

We will find ourselves facing judgement. We will reap that which we have sown over the past few years and lifetimes. This is not always a positive harvest, as this is the true manifestation of karma — what went around is now coming back around. Others will see us making a tough decision in the career realm. We will need to be astute with any decisions to be made and stay clear in our decision making process.

Our hopes and fears lie with the various emotional potentials that we are experiencing inwardly. We are challenged to follow our hearts within the confines of reality. The final outcome of the day will be an encounter with the paradoxical world of feeling and emotion. Fantasies will come to mind and we will indulge in daydreams of things that we desire. This is a time to get in touch with the sensual, yet disturbing, aspects of ourselves, as these will prove to be beneficial over time with right action,

Egyptian Cartouche

The separations and disruptions of this incoming cosmic day have left us a bit confused and even deceived. We should take pains to examine if we are creating any self-delusive behaviors in order to replace something that we fear we have lost. We should take into consideration any delusive behavior from others or ourselves. This is a time when we have been in the flow of the new paradigm without grounding, which means we have left ourselves open to deceptive forces.

The suggestion is to get clear and inventive. We should allow this new energy to flow through us and be prepared to ride any waves of creativity that manifest. We are called to be inventive and creative. We are called to stand tall, with poise and prestige, as we enter this new cosmic day with a new level of soul divinity.

The outcome of this full moon period will be physcal healing as well as inner courage and redemption. We will be rejuvenated and brought back to the heights of the true human experience. We will feel the warm embrace of new cosmic energies flowing in and around us. This is a time to take a deep breath and be receptive to the new energies whilst using them to make manifest.

Viking Runes

The gateway into the new world is opening and this is due to our encounter with our Higher Selves. We have been challenged to face the bittersweet truth about the totality of our personalities, and we have been made to break away from anything that propped up an old, false persona that has no place in our new lives.

At the core of this full moon period is the union of our Higher and Lower realities. From the divine to the mundane, all has been challenged and everything has been put into its proper place whether we wanted the experience or not. We have experienced various unions and reunions, inwardly and outwardly, and this has only heralded the beginning of our new journey individually and collectively.

The suggestion for today is to manifest strength. We should embrace the losses and gains of this period. We need to manifest the strength that comes out of significant losses. The final outcome of this full moon period will be a time to not retreat. We will need to be alert and conscious at all times. We will be active and attentive, ready for the new adventure to really begin!

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