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The themes for today are meditation, contemplation, stillness, and sacrifice. There are chaotic energies surrounding us right now that came with significant life changes that have manifested over the past few days. There is much to go within and explore today, so being impulsive in action is not advised. The Tarot, Cartouche, and Runes have all aligned today, reinforcing the same message to go within and examine ourselves, make sure we aren’t deluding ourselves into believing things that are not true, examine relationships and partnerships, observe the messages from The Divine, and be prepared to part with some long-standing, important worldview, opportunity, or relationship.

Mythic Tarot

The word of the day is sacrifice. We are called to face the reality of our own limits and understand that life can only be lived in the confines of our capabilities. In some area of life we have taken on too much, and now we must step back and reassess the situation. Our progress with this is stifled a bit by the joy and satisfaction we have found in the initial completion of a project. We have laid solid foundations in our lives, and we are ready to go forth and see what we can build. However, Rome was not built in a day, and it surely wasn’t built by one person who mastered everything. We are called to put our egos in check. 

On the surface of the situation, it seems that we are embracing our intellectual prowess and ability to strategize effectively. It seems like our discernment is simply at an all time high today, but at the core of it all there is a sacrifice that needs to be made, voluntarily. There is something that we have to relinquish in order to gain something far greater. As we transition from the euphoric high of self-appreciation and an ego boost stemming from the success we have gained thus far, we will be going forth to develop ideas and sell them to others. We will be taking the necessary steps to get things moving in the right direction — in life, work, and love.

 We will find ourselves bored with a relationship — even on the verge of resentment. There is a dangerous detachment from someone or something that’s going on, and this disruption is rooted in some sort of betrayal or significant disappointment. So keep in mind that what is meant to leave may very well be a person or opportunity we have held dear to us. Others will see in us the gifted counselor and healer — the typical person who can heal and fix everyone but him or herself. No matter how much great advice we give, it seems to never work for us, for we continuously find ourselves facing the same disappointments and betrayals.

Our hopes and fears for today lie with the final ending to a difficult situation. The ending may be painful, but it is much needed and will benefit us most. The final outcome of today is contentment with our lives and where we are in this moment, as well as where we are going. When all is said and done — the disruptions are made and the smoke has cleared — we will find that we have established something magnificent and long-lasting. So let’s embrace this change and not be afraid to let go of that which we know is toxic but hold on to anyway. Making this sacrifice is just what we need to do in order to truly clear all of the blockages that are keeping us from manifesting our full potential!

Egyptian Cartouche

 There has been indiscretion, inattentiveness, and even some apathy in our lives. This is due to our self-deception and inflated egos leading us in the wrong direction. Just as the Tarot read for today, we are called to give up that long-held idea, persona, or unobtainable fantasy that is hindering our progress, and operate within the confines of our material reality.

 We should take into consideration any person — including ourselves — who has ill will or negative intent. We need to pay special attention to anyone who has been deceptive and conniving in our lives and take time to contemplate the source of the negative energy. We can lightly explore the ‘why’ behind this person’s thoughts, will, and actions — especially within ourselves. It is suggested to leave the situation alone until it is clear whom we are up against, be it an outside source or a destructive inner voice. We should keep faith in our ability to overcome any and all trials and difficulties.

The final outcome of the day will be the realization of the person with cunning ways, the deceiver, even the self-delusive person. We need to be conscious that if the person is an outside source, then the true root of our attraction to that person comes from within us, and we need to explore the depths of our own psyche to find the root of why we are attracting such people into our lives. 

We are capable of rising above all situations and cutting out the toxic waste in our lives. Separations will be painful. Realizations will be traumatizing. But in the end, this process will be most significant to our self-transformation. So today we need to be in chill mode and ready to face the truth, for it will come to Light today.

Viking Runes

Today is a day to retreat, recharge, and regenerate. We are seeking wholeness on our journey toward self-realization and manifesting that which we already are. Things are slowly manifesting in our lives, and we are facing a difficult passage. Contemplation is the name of the game for today, as we need to go within and rebalance ourselves after the great transition of the last few days.

There should be no hasty decision making or following impulsiveness today, for doing such will more than likely lead to making matters worse. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but with patience and right action, hell does not have to manifest in our lives. We are to remain still and pay attention to all the signals, signs, and messages from The Divine that will guide us to the solution we seek.

The outcome of the day will be an inward — and possibly outward — standstill. We’re called to submit completely to the will of God and allow The Holy Spirit to take over. This submission may reinforce the message of the Tarot and Cartouche: let go of that which is holding you back and creating delusions in your mind, spirit, and life.

Sometimes the best action is no action at all, and this is one of those days when it is best to sit back and observe what The Divine is communicating to us and contemplate what bloackages are within us. Go within!

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