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Today is all about integration and contemplation. We are collectively being challenged to clear old obstructions from the past and contemplate our renewal. Most of us are having a hard time coming to terms with ourselves, and so we continue to hold on to the things that are blocking our growth most. From bad habits to toxic relationships, we have to release them all in order to embrace this new cosmic day that is upon us. So get ready to go within today. This isn’t a day for parties and extroverted activities. Take a detox bath and engage in some meditation and prayer. Allow divine guidance to flow on this day!

Mythic Tarot

This is an emotional day, as we are dealing with various potentials with matters of the heart and the challenge to go forth within the confines of material reality. However, this is also a day of illumination and realization. We can finally see the reality of this new cosmic day, and we are ready to embrace what is to come to us in life and love. 
On the surface, we are reevaluating our personal philosophies and world views. We are reexamining what light, life, and love mean to us in the grand scheme of things. We contemplate our true place in this life. At the core of it, we are experiencing disappointment and even resentment and boredom with certain relationships. This can be family ties, romance, friendships, even our attachments to personal and spiritual beliefs. 
We are leaving behind the energy of needing to concretize our perspectives and manifest things in the world. The time has come for us to truly evolve inwardly and outwardly with consciousness being the root of our evolution. We are going into an energetic place where we find that we have taken on too much. We are overburdened with life and the things in it. We will need to contemplate what to step away from in order to allow more energy flow in our lives.
We will find ourselves as persons who develop ideas and sells them to others. If we don’t have this within ourselves, then we will encounter such persons throughout the day. We will need to be conscious of such an encounter, for this will help us to examine how we manifest our inner strength to stand our ground and be true to what we believe in. Others will see us at a place of understanding and serene clarity. We finally “get it”, and we can go forth  with our heads held high and a sense of dignity.
Our hopes and fears lie with our immovable faith in high ideals. We want the best for ourselves and others, but sometimes the superhuman perfection we seek does nothing more than cause problems in our relationships. The final outcome of the day is a withdrawal from extraverted activities. We will take time to go within and examine who we are and how to make our true personalities fit in with the ways of this world. 
This is a day for meditation and contemplation, for these are the tools that will manifest the clarity we need on how to handle our lives from here on.

Egyptian Cartouche
Today we are confronting aspects of ourselves and others in our lives that are prone to the desirous nature and taking as opposed to giving. We are meeting the death of our old selves and old lives and embracing that of the new. This is due to our realizing the self-delusive behaviors we have experienced within ourselves and others. We have confronted injustice and unreliability in our lives.
We should take into consideration the wisdom that we have gained over time and the need to be honest with ourselves and others. We should consider the glory of God being manifested through us in the face of adversity and the humility that comes with such events. 
The suggestion for today is to get grounded. Come back down to earth and explore how we can manifest beneficial outcomes in life and in work. Good investments, monetary and otherwise, should be made today with wisdom and divine guidance. 
The outcome of the day will be stagnation and a lack of flow. This is not negative, though. The tarot has dictated that there is a need to go within and develop more wisdom and patience as we go forth into this new cosmic day. So today’s stagnation is more about taking time to stop and go within, to contemplate the right action to be taken in our lives, and most importantly, to heal all wounds and let old patterns fall away.

Viking Runes
Today we are entering into important partnerships, mainly with our Higher Selves. However, there may be increases and advancement in partnerships with other people from romance to business. This is due to our soul journey into this new paradigm of living. As we enter this period of rebirth and renewal as a collective, we are called to seek counsel from The Divine through meditation and prayer. The journey is toward self-healing, self-change, and union with the Higher Self. 
At the core of today’s energy is the fertility of our birth into this next phase of existence. The emergence from a closed and chrysalis state of being. We are called to break free from a rut, bad habit, or unfulfilling relationship. We are called to free ourselves from deep cultural patterns or some activity that was proper to our former selves but do not align with who we are becoming. We are to get grounded and be prepared for this journey into a new way of thriving.
The suggestion is to embrace this time of initiation. Prepare inwardly and outwardly for this time of transition into a new paradigm. We are clearing all obstruction from our path so we can go forth into a clear, prosperous, and positive future. 
The outcome of the day will be a sense of wholeness or a sense that we are getting closer to the goal. This life is about uniting our lower selves with our Higher Selves, and today we will get a glimpse of what that inner divine union will be like with inward exploration, deep meditation, and light contemplation.
Clear the old and embrace the beauty of the new paradigm of Divine Living!

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