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Mythic Tarot: 11/19/2014
“Today is all about work and career decisions to be made and how to go forward with them. There is an emergence of creative potentials, and even daydreams and fantasies may be holding up material progress. On the surface there is boredom, and possibly resentment, with a relationship. This can be within oneself or with others. This can also apply to business relationships and partnerships. At the core of it all, there is a conflict that will yield a new world view when it is reconciled. So pay attention to any new ways to do work and life differently…”
Egyptian Cartouche: 11/19/2014
“Today we seek to be industrial, productive, and adventurous. We are ready to make some changes, and this is because we aren’t very grounded right now. Many of us are simply unstable, and others of us even have money problems. We should take into consideration any folly, indifference, and apathy within ourselves or in our environments.

The suggestion for today is to embrace new partnerships willingly, for they will be beneficial for at least a short time. In the end, there will be an initiation of new beginnings in our lives, and we can go forward looking up to find brighter days and future success...”

Viking Runes: 11/19/2014

“Today’s Rune focus is on our journey of self-healing, self-change, and union with The Divine. This is about embracing changes within ourselves that lead to wholeness and better living. This is due to our need to tie up loose ends and be clear with ourselves via letting go, releasing, meditating, and so on. We are being challenged to be humble and go within for further healing and reconciliation. We should take into consideration any failed communication, lack of clarity or awareness, and even a sense of futility and wasted emotion, for these feelings could be contributing to energetic blockages…”

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