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This is a time for acceptance of certain life changes. There is going to be a sudden change in personal relationships, and there is the possibility for some new partnerships to form or current ones to develop. The direction of the relationship and the length of time the relationship will last depend on the quality of the connection within the partnership.
This is a time to stay strong and go with the flow. Keep our emotions in check and live in the moment, ready to trust our intuition in all moments and dealings! This will be an enlightening and satisfying day!

Mythic Tarot

This is a serious day in the realms of the heart and personal relationships. We are experiencing sadness and remorse, even grief, when it comes to our relations with others, but especially with ourselves. We are encountering the manifestation of a counselor or healer in our lives, more than likely outside of ourselves.
On the surface, we feel overburdened with concerns of the mundane world. We have taken on too much in some part of our lives, and we need to circle back and review what we have on our plates. Something must be relinquished. At the core of it, we are in the realm of the unconscious, and we are called to listen to our intuition. We have nothing but faint glimpses of hope and faith into the future. We must flow.
We are releasing the uprush of creative energy that manifests and idea of something to build in the world. The vision is not yet complete, but there is a solid foundation formulating that is worth looking into. We are experiencing an influx of the bittersweet relief that comes with a difficult ending to something in life. Finally, the struggle is over, and we may feel as though we have been defeated, but there is a bright and sunny morning ahead!
We will find ourselves, inwardly, as The Fool. We will be newly manifest into a new adventure, curious and anxious for a positive outcome. And yet, we are aware that there is much more to come. Others will see us experiencing judgement. Karma. This is not always the positive outcome we would prefer. We are reaping what we have sown. 
Our hopes and fears lie with our unswaying and immovable faith in high ideals. We are promoting something that is good for the development of consciousness, but it may be a bit unrealistic and counterproductive at this time. The final outcome will be our coming face to face with a conflict that we have been avoiding for some time. We will need to go forth with faith in God, with faith in ourselves, and follow our intuition at all times.

Egyptian Cartouche
Today we are going to engage in new partnerships of all kinds that will last for various periods of time. They can be short term or long term, that is determined by the quality of the connection. This is due to some bossiness or demanding partner within the unit. One is needy and will do what it takes to get what he or she wants. 
We should take into consideration the egotism of the demanding party. We should contemplate the source of such ego inflation and incorrect action. We should be aware of anyone who is simply careless and without feeling.
The suggestion for the day is to be in the flow of things. Be prepared for any sudden changes and opportunities for travel. There is something new to be experienced, and we need to be active participants.
The final outcome will be growth and stability. There will be justice and responsibility. The energies of the wise, spiritual father are abounding, and we are to embrace that energy as it manifests on all planes. 

Viking Runes
We need to embrace any situations that come before us no matter how painful they may be. We are called to keep our emotions under control. This is due to the physical and spiritual limitations that we have been encountering recently. At the core of the day, we are experiencing a disruption in personal relationships.
It is suggested that we ensure that we are not mechanical and unaware. Be awake and attentive through the moments, minutes, and hours of the day. Be astute and honest in all dealings!
The outcome will be the strength that comes with loss. There will be a clearing of the old in order to embrace the new that is now manifesting in our lives.
Let us go forth and embrace this morose, yet necessary, time and prepare to rise from these ashes as beauty and strength!

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