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Today we will continue to tie up loose ends and come to terms with the confines of material reality. We have so any dreams that we know can manifest now, but we are stifled by the limitations of material reality. There are things that seem to not meet our idealistic standards, and that is fine. We must continue to reconcile with that which we must let go and allow the sunshine of the new cosmic day to come through in our lives. We will end the day with the official clearing of the new beginning and the harvest of the fruits of our labors.
Mythic Tarot

We are still dealing with the confines of material reality, but today this is more of a waking manifestation. Progress with this may be hindered by a material manifestation of nostalgia: maybe we have a moment of deja vu or we are met with some element from our past. We may be tempted to see a glimpse of hope for restoration in the future. As we learn the lessons of the past, we hope to manifest a better future. 

On the surface, there is an uprush of creative energy manifesting as a new idea for a goal or project. Restlessness with the old way of life is coming to a head and right action must be taken. At the core of it all there is a need to face our limits and recognize that life needs to be lived in the confines of our reality. We are called to swallow our pride and let go of that which no longer serves us or that which we cannot dedicate ourselves to.

As we transition from a challenge to manifest things in the world and put our instincts and resources to use to manifest personal ethics, we are going into the rebirth of something new on the feeling level. This could be the deepening of a relationship or some other birth of a relationship. We are to come out of the time of pain and withdrawal and regain our capacity to love others as we love ourselves.

We find ourselves in an emotional state where many potentials are evident, but, again, we are challenged to make manifest within the confines of reality. We can have what we want, but we must be realistic. Others will see us facing a sudden disruption in our lives. Things are thrown out of the usual routine and we must go with the flow into the next phase of life.

Our hopes and fears lie with our immovable faith in high ideals. Our idealism causes us to cling to what may be false hope. Our fear is that we may never have our dream manifestation, but worse than not having it manifest at all is ruining it when it does. The final outcome for today will be our emergence as The Fool. We are ready to dive head first into this new journey and new phase of existence as a human race. The risk is scary, but it must be taken in order for us to move forward in our soul evolution.

Egyptian Cartouche

We are experiencing stress and anxiety, even sadness, today. We are feeling a bit distant from the rush of daily life, and this is due to our sudden urge to go with the flow and be a bit “airy fairy”. We have embraced short term changes and movements that take us away from full involvement in daily life. Whether these travels are inward or manifested on the physical plane, we are caused to be indifferent to the world around us.

We should take into consideration a lack of self-discipline. The urge within ourselves and/or others to indulge in our desires no matter the cost is unhealthy behavior, and we need to keep these things in check. The results of such behavior are nothing but detrimental, and we must take pains to get ourselves back into control and embrace the confines of material reality. There is more to the world than us.

The suggestion for today is to realize and reconcile any deceptive behavior that leads to extreme selfishness and lack of care for others. The final outcome is the development of the Divine Masculine qualities of our Selves. On the inner and outer levels, we will become more clear and productive in our lives and further develop our capacity to be creative and manifest things in the world with wisdom and accountability.

Viking Runes

We are facing the shadow side of this transition as we watch the darkness of the night pass. Now we are dealing with frustration in the area of possessions and plans not working out the way we wanted. This is due to our continued association with people who mean us harm and serve no positive purpose in our lives. People will continue to do what we allow them to, and we must be conscious of that fact.

At the core of this situation is the opening up. The sun is peering through the dark night and all loose ends in the realm of personal and romantic relationships are being tied up. This is a time to move forward into the new cosmic day as a collective, but we are still clearing from the night that is passing away. 

The suggestion is to see the beauty in these trials and be sure to not repeat the same patterns of the past. The new day is coming in, which means expectations and habits of the past are officially no longer valid. We will only hinder our progress if we continue to hold on to that which we must release. We must pull all scattered energies into one concentrated center so that we can focus on our growth and ensure that we move only forward.

The final outcome for today will be the harvest. We will finally begin to reap the benefits of the hard work that has been done on an individual and collective level. Our spiritual growth has yielded fruit and the fruit is now ripe and ready for picking. Let us indulge and enjoy with conscious minds and attentive, discerning hearts!!

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