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Bust that blockage! That’s the message from The Oracle today. The Tarot, Cartouche, and Runes all point to today being the day to go within and examine the self in order to rid of any and all blockages that are hindering our progress into this new paradigm of living. The collective Dark Night of the Soul is now over and we are in the beginning of the new dawn. While the proverbial sun rises, we are called to clear the old way of living and being along with the old persona and leave these things in the darkness from whence they manifested and thrived. This is a new chapter of life for all of us, and disruptions will be made. Take pains to clear any and all negative attitudes, selfishness, insecurities, and so on. We must release old fantasies that are truly incompatible with our paths and embrace the beauty of this reality. This is the only way we can embrace the New Dawn that is here and finally experience some sense of heaven on earth.

Mythic Tarot

Today we are met with the confines of material reality. The new beginnings we experienced last week left impressions on our subconscious minds that have allowed us to dream of the grandeur that may manifest. However, we have to make compromises in our attitudes and outlooks in order to make manifest. This process may be hindered by a sudden need to withdraw from extroverted activities. We are taking pains to step back from the mundane world and contemplate our futures in solitude or work on projects by ourselves.
On the surface, there is a stirring of new creative potential within us that needs to be explored. The fantasies that have come to us may not be the final picture — they may even be impractical — but they are worth entertaining and developing. At the core of it all, we are faced with a decision in the love department. There may be a love triangle where we are called to choose one over the other, potential to rush into a relationship, or an important choice between love and career priorities. Romance has crept into our lives either physically or spiritually, and we are called to manifest balance in our lives so we can go forth with dignity.
We are leaving behind a tough work decision that required care and forethought where we had to continue with what we have already built or start a new project. With that reconciled, we are going to face the dimension of ourselves that is idealistic — maybe a bit too idealistic. We will have to confront that aspect of ourselves that demands superhuman perfection in an imperfect world. We are to consider all areas of life where we continue to cause problems or hinder progress because we are looking for certain standards of perfection that are simply unrealistic.
We will find ourselves humbled by confrontation with an envious and cruel world. People and circumstances aren’t perfect, and we have to develop our ideas to be the best that they can be. We are not the only ones in this world who have high expectations or great ideas. We will have to embrace the ambitious and competitive aspects of ourselves and come down from the illusion of sitting on a pedestal of non-existent perfection. Others will see us in a state of being overburdened by concerns of the mundane world. Our spirits may seem weary to others as we reconcile certain things within ourselves and give up what is, in reality, impossible to manifest.
Our hopes and fears lie with this period of being in the realm of the unconscious. This change that has come upon us is great, and there is no way to be certain of how things will play out, especially with the call to relinquish the idealistic dreams that we think keep us going. In the end, we will find ourselves in a state of successful completion and integration. It has finally all come together, and we are ready to grow into a full foetus that will soon be born into a new phase of life and a new journey.

Egyptian Cartouche

Today is a day to sit back, be quiet, and be observant. For some it is a day to observe and then speak up on important issues. This is due to a lack of grounding in our lives as we are transitioning into a new paradigm of light, life, work, and love. We are also called to pay attention to any money troubles and the causes of such instability in finances. 
We should take into consideration a lack of thinking and acting for ourselves. In what areas of life have we gone against our own best interest in favor of going along with what the majority does? We should also consider other persons who are against us in various ways, manifesting inconsistency and even temper-tantrums at our expense.
The solution is to embrace a halt. Allow the obstacles to manifest and explore them. The final outcome will be new light shed on troubling things within ourselves including spiritual weakness, detrimental expressions of strength, vanity and shallowness, bad eating habits, inferiority complexes, or anything else that stems from a misuse or neglect of our Divine Feminine nature.
These findings will bring us to a place where we can reconcile and become more whole, as suggested with the Tarot. We will be able to go forth on our journey into this new life fully balanced and prepared for life in The Spirit.
Viking Runes
Point of realization is where we are today. The new day has dawned, but we may still feel blocked. This means that it’s time to do all releasing, admitting, letting go, and facing up in order to remove all blockages so our energy and manifested lives can flow more smoothly. This is due to our entering into a new phase of life where we must allow the old persona to die in order for the new one to manifest and fully align with the great changes we are all experiencing now. The time is all about self-transformation and positive growth. If we are to go forward into this new paradigm and experience the beauty of the new life, then we must reconcile and release the old. 
At the root of all this is an opening up; the dark night is now over and we are embracing the new day. More light is coming in, and we are able to see what is truly trivial in our lives and what parts of our conditioning are no longer valid or useful as we go forward. There are some confines to reality, but we are still capable of being free to be harmonious with universal law and radiate positive energy. The suggestion for today is to embrace this new breakthrough. As the Tarot and Cartouche point to a light at the end of the tunnel with much needed inner work, the same is implied here with the Runes. Today is the day to reconcile and come into the wholeness of our true being. Today is the day to let go and let the sun shine!
The final outcome will be a warning of temptation to be wild and reckless. We are excited to hear the good news and see the beauty that is manifesting around us! Finally, we can have what we want — as long as we can operate within the confines of reality — and we’re ready to take this inch and run a mile! We can’t get ahead of ourselves. We must be sure to remain cognizant of all possible consequences that come along with our choices and actions, and we are to go forth into this new life fully conscious and ready to be responsible.
Go forth and make manifest!

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