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It’s time to truly release and submit. Today is the day that we are called to release the old persona and way of life in order to embrace the new. I know it seems like I keep repeating this same message, but it’s because this same message keeps coming up in the cards! We, humanity, are in a period of stagnation today. The things we need to relinquish to The Cosmic in order to embrace the new paradigm of life are the same things we hold dear to our hearts and refuse to let go of. Whether we are holding on to old frames of thinking or outdated relationships, we need to let go of these things so we can embrace the new day that is upon all of humanity at this time. The outcome of the day will be forward movement, clarity, and understanding.

Mythic Tarot

Today there is money, energy, or some other material substance that is to be shared between us and others. We are called to give and receive on this day and allow faith in ourselves and life to be restored. Holding up the smooth transactions is the inwardly dealing with the limitations of material reality. There may be a limit on how much we can give, the persons we are called to share with are not our egotistical preference, what we are called to receive is not what we expected, and so on.
As we leave the energy of the elusive magician and his glimpses into the possibilites of the future behind, we enter into our emergence as the fool — coming into the fullness our the beginning of our new adventure during this paradigm shift. We will find ourselves in the realm of the unconscious, holding on to faint glimpses of hope and some dreams as we go forth. The workings of our journey continue to elude us, so we wait, often with angst, to find out what is in store. We are called to follow our intuitive senses first. Others will see us being challenged to take up worldly challenges and embrace a realistic boost in our material self-confidence.
Our hopes and fears lie with sudden changes and disruptions in our lives. We are called to embrace a radical separation from the ordinary patterns of living and what we have been used to in the old paradigm of living. The final outcome of the day is the final ending to a difficult situation. Although this ending may be painful, it doesn’t have to be, for we will find that this ending and/or rupture is exactly what is needed in order to release the old and embrace the new.

Egyptian Cartouche

Today we find ourselves to be stagnant in our flow and progression into this new paradigm of living. This is due to or lack of concentration and communication with the divine. We are not focused on the metaphysical changes that are taking place in our lives and affecting the mundane aspects of life. We are not in touch with our Higher Selves and The Divine in order to ensure that we are taking right action. 
We should take into consideration the return of the Divine Feminine energies, whether we are prepared for these energies or not. Getting in contact with the God force within us all. Also, we should consider the strong, well-organized, and well-presented aspects of our existence. Who are we, truly, in our best forms of expression?
The suggestion is to embrace physical healing and abstract beauty, harmony and courage. We should take time to relax and unwind — take care of our physical bodies. Also, we should embrace the beauty of this change and develop the courage to go forth into this new way of life and be in harmony with the spiritual laws that govern all things.
The outcome of the day will be wisdom, honesty, and astute discernment. We will become wiser about ourselves and our lives. Will be have the capacity to be more honest with ourselves and with others. We will also be able to properly disern what is and is not best for us in this new paradigm. We can be sure that we will overcome all obstacles, outshine anyone who seeks to make us seem dim, and also discern who does and does not have our best interests at heart.

Viking Runes
We are in the midst of the unknown. We are called to go forth today in perfect love and perfect trust in The Divine. There is a symbolic death that needs to take place, and we need to allow this to happen and release our need for control. This is due to a disruption in our lives. The cosmic day has dawned and the new paradigm shift is taking place. There is a pressing need to break free from our limited identity entangled in the mundane world and get to know our true Selves in the world of the abstract and spiritual realms. There is a need to experience our great awakening on the many levels of existence so we can go forth in harmony. 
At the core of the situation are the messages, signs, and signals from The Divine calling our attention to the matters at hand. While mundane matters are important, how we transform inwardly will directly affect our lives outwardly. We are to take note of any synchronicities and messages from the astral that come to our attention today.
The suggestion is to go within for contemplation. We should examine our motives in all that we are doing in our lives. We are called to examine our intentions. Trust and authenticity are called into question, especially as it pertains to personal relationships, as we may even experience the end of a short-lived friendship, but we must take note that this end only means that the relationship has fully served its purpose and now it is time to move on.
The final outcome of today will be movement. There will be forward movement in our growth and our new lives. The stagnation that comes with the paralysis of being in the real of the unknown will end and we will be able to flow with the new energies that are manifesting all around us. 

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