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We cannot be ourselves without first knowing ourselves and our true intentions. This is the theme of today. There are things hidden within us that need to be revealed, and instead of continuing to run around with others and keep up with the Jones’, we should take time to go within and explore our intentions as we enter into our new lives. We are called to explore our personal relationships and why we stay connected to them. We are to reenergize and recharge our bodies and souls, so that we can continue to take right action in our daily lives. There is some seed of selfishness and self-deception that needs to be addressed, and this is the only way to clear the final inner blockage that may be hindering any progress in our transformation

Mythic Tarot

We are in the midst of our emergence into our new lives. The Fool represents our diving head first into our new paradigm of living and entering the new chapter of our lives. However, we need to pay attention to any tense situations of conflict that we may be trying to avoid. In order to move forward with our progression, we have to face these conflicts head on.
On the surface we are inwardly shedding our old selves and old ways of life. The old, false persona created by our egos is falling away, and we are called to allow this shift to happen. At the core of the day, there is an inward stirring of the imagination that leads us to develop fantasies of the future. These glimpses of glory should not be ignored, though, for they may hold keys to what we can manifest in our future.
As we transition out of a time when we are called to make manifest and take up worldly challenges and things, we are entering into a time when we are faced with the material reality of making these things manifest. We will have to re-evaluate how to go about manifesting in this new world. 
We find ourselves exploring the deep paradoxical world of feeling within ourselves. We will be acting according to what our souls want as opposed to what our minds think we want. Others will see us generally pleased with ourselves and what we have accomplished. They see that we may be a bit smug, but with good reason.
Our hopes and fears dwell with a period of anxiety about the future. We may not be used to flowing with what we feel instead of what we think, and thus create unfounded fantasies of things going wrong. We need to go within and explore what is driving such fear and negative thinking in the midst of hoping for the best. The final outcome for today will be a time of reflection. We will be exploring the reality of this new life and it’s manifestations, knowing that what we experienced in our past has brought us to the present, and now we have building blocks to manifest a better future.

Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are lacking in grounding and potentially facing concerns with money. This is due to a destructive aspect of this renewal and rebirthing process. We are called to question our motives as we go forth into this new transition. What is our true intent with our decision making? We should take into consideration any self-delusive attitudes, injustice, unreliability, failure to meet responsibilities and so one. Character questioning is called for. Are we being selfish and unreliable? Are others being this way with us? Motives and intent are to be explored deeply.
The suggestion is to embrace the fact that the truth may be hidden from us. We are called to seek divine guidance in coming to an honest conclusion. In the end, the truth of any superstition, self-delusive behavior, neglect, and lack of concern will come to the fore. Whether it is within ourselves or others, we will come face to face with the reality of what lies beneath the surface. This will help us to build the better future that we seek to manifest in our new lives. 
Viking Runes
Know thyself. Be thyself. Nothing in excess, and only clarity and willingness to change are effective now. We are going within and being true to ourselves at all costs. This is due to our need for wholeness and our process for achieving such. This is a time of recharging and reenergizing. We may even be tempted to retreat and pull back, especially from events and people that are demanding of our time and energy. This is a retreat made in spiritual strength though. There are times when we need to simply say no to the outside world and take care of ourselves. This is part of the process of getting in touch with ourselves and getting the self nourishment we need.
At the core of this is our breakthrough. We are entering the sunlight experience of our new lives in this new paradigm, and this recharging time is what is needed to get us completely clear of all that we have been shedding within and without over the last few days. The process of transition has been arduous, and now we need some time within and alone.
The suggestion is to be attentive to personal relationships and be prepared for a separation or disruption. Effort will be required to maintain stability and peace amidst the change. Our set plans will be interrupted, and the outcomes that we hoped for in some situations will elude us. But these inconveniences will prove to be blessings in disguise, “rerouting opportunities”, that will put us on the right path toward what is best for us going forward.
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