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Today is another day of trials and troubles. Things just won’t come together, right? Whether the trials are related to work or personal relationships, there is definitely a divine method to the madness, so no worries! Today we are called to engage all opportunities, no matter how they may be made manifest. Disruptions aren’t always easy to deal with, but they are often necessary in life, especially when God is putting us on a new path that we are fighting against. By the end of the day, if we allow ourselves to see the signs and hear God’s messages, we will find a renewed clarity. We will be closer to a place of peace, knowing that all is in Divine Order and that everything happens to manifest the highest good.
Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are facing some level of stress and mental anxiety. We may be experiencing insensitivity, remoteness, and depressive withdrawals. We risk not moving forward in our lives due to inertia made manifest by the thoughts we have in our minds. This is due to a lack of cooperation and stubbornness on our part. We are either being too aggressive or facing others who are too aggressive and thus causing friction that is slowing the process of forward movement in our lives. This can possibly be due to some of the chaotic energies going around with Mercury Retrograde.
We should consider the need to be nurtured, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The New Cosmic Day is manifesting much abundance and change, but much of this change is difficult to deal with. There are many abrupt disruptions that we may not be ready for, and instead of going with the flow, we are going against the tide.
The suggestion for today is to stop what we are doing. Whatever it is that is going against the will of the Cosmic will simply not go through. We will continue to face harsh hold ups if we continue to force our will into the picture. Let go and embrace the change.
The final outcome will be a release of things that are no longer useful to our lives. If, and only if, we embrace the shift that is taking place in our lives, we will see positive results. Otherwise, continuing as we are will have us moving backwards instead of forward. Don’t hang on to conditions that seem comfortable and secure. These things are holding us back from destiny and blocking our blessings.

Viking Runes
Today we risk hasty and ill-timed action wasting energy that should be used for manifesting God’s will in our lives. There are associations, personal or practical, that have lived out their life-spans and it’s time to let those connections die away. This is due to our leap into the unknown. In the midst of this New Cosmic Day, we are facing a need to put trust into the unknown and embrace the transformation of life that is taking place right before our eyes.
At the root of today’s energy is opening up and renewed clarity. The darkness is being dispelled and we are being given a new way of looking at life. It’s time to take ourselves more seriously in areas of improvement and transformation. If there is a new relationship we are in, it’s time to get serious and engage. If there are new career opportunities manifesting, it’s time to engage. If a hobby needs to become a profession, it’s time to reprioritize our schedules. We are encouraged to open up to new lines of communication and open up to receiving new manifestations of God’s blessings.
The solution for today is to engage the movement that appears to block. We should take pains to recognize how we are holding ourselves back — more than likely with our thinking patterns. We should embrace all things that seem to be falling apart, for the truth is that life is simply falling into place.
The final outcome for today is joy. We will come to ourselves and freely be able to receive our blessings. Whether the manifestations are material, emotional, or psychological, we will engage new energies that have been blocked before now. There will be new clarity, which may call for the renunciation of existing plans, ambitions, or goals. When we embrace this transformation that God is manifesting in our lives, we will then see the abundance that we all have been waiting for!
Engage and embrace the unknown!

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