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Today we are facing opposition from outside sources. We are experiencing growing pains that point to our initiation into our new lives in this new age. Time and karma are influential today, and they will allow us to get a glimpse of what is to come. Today is a day to be conscious of taking right action in all aspects of life. We are challenged to improve upon our thinking, feeling, and acting. The day will bring us good vibes though. We will finally begin to heal from past traumas and release the old way of life that is dying away. Our successful transition into the new Cosmic Day depends on our will-power. We have to take right action at all times and persevere through all trials and tribulations. Healing and self-revelation will be where we end up today.

Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are facing opposition from an outside source, more than likely a person. This is because we are experiencing a period of testing and initiation. If we hold tight, we will be successful in the end. We should take into consideration any ignorance, lack of concentration, and miscommunication. Instances of cunning and folly have manifested over time, and now we are challenged to become more clear in all our dealings.
The suggestion for today is to flow, like water. We are to take an optimistic approach to life and flow with the current of the new Cosmic day. The final outcome will be healing on all levels. We will see the workings of time and karma in our lives, thus giving us the security needed to continue on our individual and collective journeys.

Viking Runes
We are experiencing the pains and trials of growth today. This is due to the death of an old way of life that is invalidated by the growth we are experiencing. At the core of the day is the unknowable. We are unsure of what this great transformation will manifest for us, but we are persevering and walking the path anyway. We can only trust in Father time and Mother karma right now, for only they will reveal glimpses of what we have coming toward us in the near future.
The suggestion for today is to take some time for contemplation. Our development is quickening, and we need to embrace this challenging day and it’s manifested halts. There is always opportunity in adversity.¬†
The final outcome for today will be new strength and patience manifested. As spiritual warriors, we are on the path of self-mastery, and today we will begin to attune to our inner star player and embrace the patience and perseverance needed to continue our walk on this path of ascension.

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