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Can you feel the shift in energy? After all of the chaos of the past week or so, we are beginning to see a glimpse of hope. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming into view. We are now able to chill out and recharge. Today is a day to nurture ourselves and our relationships in ways that we haven’t done before. Today is the day when we officially make the decision to live and be better than we were before. While old habits will die hard, we must persevere and continue to grow into the new flow of life. Today will bring about reconciliations of all kinds, but the emphasis is put on handling the day with modesty, patience, and care. Embrace your inner Divine Feminine self!
Egyptian Cartouche

This is a day when we are called to be shrewd in our dealings. We are to manifest wisdom throughout the day, and have confidence that we will outwit our adversaries. This is due to the growth and development of a partnership or relationship. Integration is taking place and balance of polarities is manifesting. partnerships of all kinds will grow deeper and begin to take a positive turn as we move out of this phase of intense testing and initiation. Relationships will become more solidified.
We should take into consideration the power of the Divine Feminine. Anything is possible and miracles abound. Compassion, caring, and nurturing are called for. We are to connect to the earth mother — the spirit mother. We are to persevere in our relationships and nurture them. We are to handle our associations and loved ones with care.
The suggestion is to engage the Divine Feminine within and nurture ourselves as well as our loved ones. We are to get organized and put things in their proper places. We are to engage in being supportive to those we care about. We are to groom ourselves better and nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits.
The final outcome of the day will be self-discipline and a renewed sense of structure in our lives. We will be on the right side of the Law, manifesting harmonious interactions with our loved ones. We will see improvements in our connections and some of us will see a rise in status — a promotion in some area of our lives. As Mercury Retrograde wanes, we can begin the process of calming down and healing ourselves from the chaos we have recently endured. The best is yet to come, and today is a day to relax and inwardly prepare for the beginning of full manifestation.

Viking Runes
Today we flow. We are to go with the flow of our relationships and emotions. We are to embrace the reality of our humanity in this new Cosmic Day. This is a day for cleansing, reorganizing, and realigning. This is due to the opening up and renewed clarity that is manifesting right now. The darkness of the night has been dispelled and we are going forward into times of blessings and transformation. In all aspects of our lives we are being renewed, especially in the realm of partnerships and personal relationships. This is a time of clarity and concentration, both needed at the beginning of work. There is a new life to engage and we are preparing for it.
At the root of today’s energy is the chaos of letting go. That which we are releasing is not going down without a fight. We will need to take pains to ensure that we are not back-tracking in our growth. This is a time of limitation and some pain due to transformation. We will need to be disciplined in how we handle ourselves in the coming days and weeks until we have fully adjusted to our new habits. Old habits die hard, but with hard work and perseverance, we can transition into a new way of life for the long-term.
The suggestion for today is to go into things with great care and awareness. This is a serious growth period for all of humanity, as we are individually and collectively evolving to a new level of consciousness. We must disperse all subconscious resistance to that which is manifesting in our lives and submit to Divine Order. Modesty, patience, and fairness are called for today. 
The final outcome will be wholeness. We will be recharged and regenerated on all levels. We may even experience some power surges. We will find that what we seek to become, we already are. Thus, the goal is not to become anything, but to simply Be Thyself — authentically. We will practice the art of not forcing and gain better understanding of what it means to flow with the tides of life and love. We will admit things to ourselves that we have long denied and cleanse ourselves. We will be made whole again through self-realization and actualization.

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