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Mercury Retrograde is wreaking havoc and today is a day to be especially conscious of this. It may seem as though various things just aren’t working out, but all is in the Divine Plan and today we must allow ourselves to see the signs ahead of time — or right on time. There are some misconceptions. There are some miscommunications. There are some misunderstandings. All of these things will be reconciled by the end of the day with a revealing of who is being deceptive and what right action is to be taken from here on out. With meditation and contemplation, we will find ourselves with clearer minds and hearts by the day’s end.
Egyptian Cartouche

Today we are seeing the real effects of Mercury Retrograde coming into view. We begin with our manifestations of misogyny and chauvinism. Either we are being too aggressive in a situation or relationship or we are not being aggressive enough. The masculine energy within and around all us is the focal point for today. This is due to our becoming grounded and engaging opportunities to manifest money or do some type of business related development.
We should take into consideration those who are coming to us with faulty lines of communication. We should be conscious of those who say they hold some level of importance, or have important contacts, but are really nowhere on the radar of those who can truly make a difference when it comes to our endeavors.
The action to be taken today is to be wary of any and all deceitfulness. We should take pains to be conscious of all communications received and take time to verify them. Don’t jump into anything that you are uneasy about. Don’t engage new opportunities if there is the slightest bit of doubt. Even if you feel good about the opportunity, take time to do additional research and then meditate and contemplate the implications of your various potential choices.
In the end, an adversary will be revealed, or we will be close to seeing this person clearly. This person can be someone we know or it can be one of the voices we hear in our minds. Either way, by the end of the day, we will know who is deceiving us, what we are being deceived about, and how to move forward.

Viking Runes
As we enter into the next phase of our lives we are at the proverbial gateway, looking back over everything we have done and experienced up until this point. This is a time of meditation and contemplation about the things that have made us who we are up until this point. We are on the precipice of great transformation, and we can feel the change not only within but also without. This is due to the unknowable forces of the unseen world being at play. We are about to fully embark on a new journey in this new Cosmic Day, and the future holds great potential for our continued growth and transformation.
At the core of today’s energy is movement that appears to block. We can all see how Mercury Retrograde is impacting our lives right now, from missed calls and texts to outright blocks in communication that prevent forward movement in personal and business endeavors, we are being put on notice that opportunity is at hand and we must be more alert than usual. For some of us we will find that an extended pause in life was timely and needed and now we can move forward; others will find that waiting to make the next move is best right now. In any case, we are learning the advantages to potential setbacks.
The solution for today is flow. We are to go with the Cosmic Flow of things. We are to be conscious and aware at all times, and we must be sure to contemplate any and all decisions to be made. The outcome of today will be a revelation of sorts. We will need to take pains to understand our motives in life and love. We will need to examine why we are making the choices we are making and taking the actions we are taking. With our emotions kept under control, we will see things clearly and be prepared to move forward in life with clear minds and hearts.

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