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Let’s do a quick recap of the latest happenings of the world, shall we? Superbowl Sunday in New Orleans, Louisiana, Beyonce puts on one hell of a show, which many believe caused a power surge in the Mercedes Benz Superdome and lead to a power outage lasting about 30-33 minutes. The lights went out, leaving half of the stadium in darkness and half of the stadium in light. One week and a day later, Pope Benedict XVI gives a respectful “two-week notice” to his brethren at the Vatican and formally announces his resignation. And now, as we gain insight as to who is in the running to be the next Pope, we find that two Cardinals from Africa are in the running. Now I am not against an African Pope, nor will I discuss my confusion on voting in someone that is supposed to be of Saint Peter’s lineage, but I will put on my prophecy-loving, conspiracy theory hat and have some fun with these events, among others.
Let’s start with Beyonce’s performance. I could care less for her “throwing up Illuminati hand-signs”, that is just for show and not really relevant. What is relevant is the picture that was shown when the stage lit up. When viewers first got a glance at the initial light up of the stage, there seemed to be one face with two eyes and potentially other disfigured “facial features”. As viewers were able to get a closer view of the shapes, it could be made out that there were in fact two female faces looking at one another. This optical illusion is nothing new nor is it rarely found. (See photo below)

Two face illusion
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The question is: whose eyes were we looking into before we made out that there were, in fact, two faces to be seen? As she continued to perform and put on an epic show, she finally brought her set to close by bringing down the house with a live singing of her song “Halo” after 10 minutes of outrageous dancing in sky-high heels. (Get it girl!) Those in the conspiracy community would probably say that “Halo”, especially the portion of the song performed, could serve as her “Ode to Lucifer” – the Angel of Light, Beauty and Music.
As soon as the Ravens set a new record with a 109-yard run touchdown, the Superdome went black – at least half of it anyway – and when I noticed that the stadium was half dark and half light, I immediately thought of divine duality and the Yin/Yang Symbol. Twitter went crazy with “Illuminati” tweets during the blackout, but during the wait and after the game I had a few revelations. A powerful singer’s performance was thought to possibly have caused a power surge, the stadium was half lit symbolizing duality, the coaches of the battling teams were brothers, and the Baltimore Ravens – birds often associated with darkness and gloom – not only won the game, but also wore white. Where am I going with this? Well, how symbolic is a final ball game on the field between the teams (armies) of two brothers going head-to-head that closes with a tight win in the end by the team in white? Light always overcomes the darkness, right? But to be Biblical with this, we can say that the Ravens’ (my hometown’s team) can be symbolic of the raven – a bird associated with darkness, gloom and even death – taking flight. What could this event have been a grand, dramatic representation of? Remember, our Secret Societies love theatrics!
Now, Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, apparently the official Roman Catholic Church was struck by lightning that night, and we are eagerly anticipating – or at least the mainstream media is – the first Black Pope. Cardinals Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana and Francis Arinze of Nigeria are in the running to become the next Pope, and according to prophecies written by Saint Malachy, the next Pope will be the last. Specifically, the last Pope will be symbolically, and somewhat literally, understood to be “Petrus Romanus” or “Peter the Roman”. If this is truly any indication of truth, as many believe it to be, then could Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana be the next Pope – the last Pope? Even if the next Pope isn’t one of the African contenders, will this Pope truly be the last? It is said that this last Pope will see his people through great tribulations until the destruction of Rome (the city of seven hills), after which the Lord will come to judge his people.
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention North Korea doing nuclear testing the day after the Pope’s resignation, too! We would love to say one has nothing to do with another. Of course we should believe that the timing of this all is just “coincidence”. Go ahead – keep dreaming that dream. There are no accidents or coincidences. Grab your guns while you can! 😉
Let us not delude ourselves into believing that we are not, in fact, living in “The Last Days” because we are. Period. But who will this anti-christ truly be? Better yet, simply who is he, for we already know he is upon us. Could these most recent events been a set-up for the Grand Finale? Are we ready for the real and true armageddon? I’m not going to go Bible Thumper on you guys and command that you repent, but I will gladly quote Katt Williams from his NYE 2012 performance, Kattpacalypse, and say, “I don’t care what you believe in, but you better believe in something.”
Since President Obama’s reelection, the coming and passing of the infamous “Doomsday” December 21, 2012, and now these events that have just taken place, I have come to not only go through my spiritual “death and rebirth”, but I am also seeing the people around me and everything that is go through the same. “The Dark Night of the Soul” has run rampant through society over the past year and especially in the recent months. For me, I have come into the fullness of light – for now at least – and I see things clearer that I have before. The good, bad, and ugly of it all. I see many others facing their own darkness and dealing with their past choices. I see many people coming to terms with the fact that with all the time in the cosmos, there really isn’t that much time left. We can try to pretend that these things foretold won’t come to pass, even as they take place before our eyes, but one thing we can’t avoid is that dark night. We can’t avoid that moment when we feel so alone and damaged, guilty and torn, hurt and in despair. We cannot avoid the choices we have made and the effects that those choices have had on us and on others. Whether we see a face in the sky, a spirit before our eyes, or simply sit in a room and look in the mirror the judgement will come, and it is upon us. You better believe in something, for there will come a point where that is all that you have left. Faith.
I love history, conspiracy theory, prophecy, and even some religious study. I love aligning the texts of the past with the happenings of the present. I do strongly suggest that even if you do it just for kicks, break out those Holy books, Almost Holy books, and prophetic texts; read them, and then look up. You just may be surprised at what you see.

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  1. VERY good story thankyou. however a gun in the hand will not save you from your own fear. It is the love in your heart that will rule the day the “wrath of God” sweeps the planet. The quotes are there for a reason cause God is in you and you are in God. It is you that decides the fate of you. Align with love everlasting bliss or align with fear and have everlasting torture.

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